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Tank set-up list

Jul 24, 2003
Hello folks!!! :periscop:

Im in the middle of listing out my equipment to get an octopus (fancy a Bimac as my first) and im about to hopefully buy a tank in a couple of weeks from somebody selling one on a reef site.

I have read so much on Tonmo.com (quality site!) and many others. However, since im new to this game and am begining to wish I stayed awake in science at school!! Im starting from basics, so just understanding what feeds into what is a challenge, but makes me want it more!!!

Now I have a list of equipment thats part of the deal and im aware of other bits I require (which I'll list below) and was just wondering if anyone could shed some light on my ideas and tell me were Im going right and wrong and any other equipment I need to budget for......

Tank (40 UK gallons, drilled with corner weir)
Rowa carbon 500ml
Elite 802 Air Pump
TMC Hydrometer
Tronic 200
Eheim 1260 Return Pump

Things I know I need on top of the above....

Skimmer (Deltec AP 600 or Turbo Floater 1000)
Sump (poss sit skimmer in and section off for sand, live rock and algae)

Would anyone know any equivalent skimmers incase I cant get my hands on one of those two above. Also do I need another pump?

Now I know I obviously require my aquascaping ontop of the above, but can anyone think of anything else, Ive prob missed one of the most important things other than me new mate Inky!!!

Thanks for your help in advance.

All the best


p.s. im aware I may require a chiller as I live on a ground floor flat with the boiler room below (gets warm) but was gunna wait until my tank is setup an I can judge what the water temp is around and if i need one?????
Cheers mate

Ive read them and am still referring to them, I also found a crackin article on advancedaquarist.com (last months issue) which is definitley worth a gander.

I think I missed out a mechanical filtration unit (sure thats needed, but not sure which), but the pages you have referred me to dont contain a definitive list, and I know im goin to struggle to find one because most people take slightly different methods of set-up.

Its comments on the equipment im proposing to use im really after.

Nice one.
Yeah, I noticed that whenever I have a specific question about equipment (I asked about the additional pump too) they send me to the equipment list link!! LoL

I've read that thing 20 times but it doesn't help with specific questions. I've since given up! :bugout:
Hilarious!!!! :jester:

Im not takin the mick out of our friend who kindly replied with the link very quickly which I am very grateful.

As since viewing web pages especially TONMO.com, Ive come to notice people are an excellent help, and it seems to be the only way to tap into the experts brain and beg for help!!! :notworth:

But I have had a couple of bad experiences in LFS which do there upmost best to confuse you, it all reminds me of fishing tackle shops, some go out of their way to make you feel as small as possible. Can you believe one bloke who owns a shop in London told me he couldnt understand me wanting an octopus cause there boring and hide!!! I made a mental note not to spend a penny in that shop ever.

However, luckily there are a couple of very good and helpful LFS near me in London who have been more than happy to show me the set-up etc.

When i have my set-up and a happy little inky I'll be sure to detail every miniscule item to help the beginner like myself.

I feel a bizarre 'Bill & Ted' moment coming on, were I'll pass myself at some point in the future!!!!!
dont ever give up asking questions!!!!!!!!

Okay, i admit that juggling tonmo.com with the rest of our lives does eventually lead to us reffering people to past posts and lists but then thats when you should come back with new questions that we can look back on in the future :smile:

I can't ever remember ever turning away a question... and the investigation by the person is the best way to learn rather than getting everything handed on a plate...

Go for the turboflotor thats what i swear by, comes with pump
In London you'll find it hard to get a bimac but it can be done...

I hope you do pass on what you have learned... having a bizarre king fu or star wars moment here :smile:
Whey Hey!!!

cheers mate.

Thats quite intresting the fact that it comes with a pump, quality!! just gotta get one of the beauties now, will be doin an ebay an reef site scan for any second hand fella's as I imagine their quite expensive.

Also intresting is the Bimac in London buisness, I only fancy a Bimac cause they are the most 'octopus looking octopus' (for want of better words) I have seen.

I'd like one of these red ones but since I havnt come onto actually getting the set-up and being ready to order one, I havnt investigated what is ealy to get round here.

You dont happen to know if there is a list with pictures of the different kinds on the web anywhere do you?

oh an while im pickin your brains, what octo's are more readily available in the UK and London in particular do you know of?

Cheers for the support!!

questions, questions, questions!!!!!!
Just a few comments about why we refer people to the equipment list - Colin went to some effort to write up what you need to know. It refers you to lots of links, and many of the About Saltwater Links include tests evaluation and recommendations of equpment.

It's assumed that you'll visit a number of LFSs to ask questions and become familiar with this equipment (And I've done all this myself, so we're not asking anyone to do something that's not been tried). Then you can go back and read more on the web. This will take some effort on your part, but you will get to know more about the equipment and how to use it, find which LFSs you can trust, etc. And this will help you be ready to set up your tank and be a good octopus keeper.

Cheers Nancy

Please dont get me wrong here, I dont see a problem in diverting the people to the equipment list and I dont wish to slate anybody for this or anything else (other than the muppets in the shops), which I wasnt.

Without people in the know, other people wont be able share the experience of keeping such amazing creatures. So believe me when I say im grateful, otherwise I wouldnt say it.

Im glad beginners like myself cant get everything on a plate, otherwise we wouldn't fully appreciate it having not worked for it!!!

In addition, I totally understand people being referred to the equipment list and its links. Otherwise moderators and experienced individuals would spend all their time answering questions for starters like myself who must come along 'two a penny'.

My brain has doubled in size in the past two months in trying to learn all that is needed, so hopefully this goes to prove im not unwilling to search the contents of the web and elsewhere.

Furthermore, I believed I had advanced beyond just looking on the equipment pages (of course they are there to be referred back to, which I do all the time) and was requesting some general comments on what I have come up with since studying these and other pages.

I hope I didnt offend anyone.
I didn't mean to offend anyone either.... but I have done hours and hours and HOURS of research. I then asked very specific questions (about a sump, an extra pump, etc) but got the equipment list instead. I've read that, I've read every link I could find - DIY, descriptions, costs (did anyone else notice that a lot of those links don't work??) but it can still be very confusing. Sending the link won't help! :wink:

And as far as LFS, there aren't quality ones near me. mostly they are fronts for 'other' operations... hehe. There is one a ways away - a good ways, but I'm in boston and don't have access to a car to head west...

So I'm stuck with you guys for a while!
And I have read everything on the site:

Choosing a Filtration System for Your Saltwater Aquarium

that particular link is for the filters.... where I have read every link, etc. But a lot of their equipmet links and info links don't go anywhere on that site.... making it hard to find prices, etc.

So I DEFINITELY didn't get anything handed to me on my plate.... I read for about a week straight on every subject possible.

*feeling dejected*
and the investigation by the person is the best way to learn rather than getting everything handed on a plate...
Right on, "don't hand me a fish... hand me a rod and reel and teach me how!"

Beyond the thoughtful articles contributed here by Colin, Nancy and others, don't forget to also make use of the mighty Search feature.

From there, posting questions is the way to go... even if you saw the answer somewhere before, but just want a second opinion from "current" Board members! It's all good!

This concludes TONMO.com Research 101! You all passed! :smile:
Don't feel dejected, Cortum....

Yes, it's a lot of work to refine the list of what you need and then to find where to get it. You have to make a decision whether to buy from an LFS (and you probably would need to get your tank there, since shipping is risky). It takes time to search on the web for so many pieces of equipment, too.

I made a list of preferred brands after I read all the links on About Saltwater. But, after I chose my tank, I had to make changes, since, for instance, I needed a skimmer that would fit in the fairly small space under my bowfront tank. So maybe I didn't get the absolute ideal set of equipment, but what I have functions quite well. It keeps my bimac healthy and happy, and that's the important thing.


Octos in the UK, eh??????

That's a tricky one LOL..... the americans have it easy as people like 'OctoPets' are breeding bimacs over there and they naturally have them on their west coast... so they can normally guarantee what species they are going to get and prepare for a bimac.

So far we dont have that luxury and have to rely on the importers, I have ordered bimaculoides many times and vulgaris many times, only ever got one bimac and never a vulgaris (almost every brown/red octopus they name as vulgaris but they never are)

Most of the species seen in the trade are bocki, aculeatus and other horridus types...

The best pic database is on James Wood's site http://www.cephbase.utmb.edu/

So, dont rely on the LFS to get you the right species and I'll try as much as i can from this side to get the right species for you when you are ready
Cheers Colin thats a good link, and I look forward to comin back to you on the sourcing out of a little matey for me.

Cant wait to crack that bubbly open when he's in the tank. But first things first, I shall source my equipment and get the beauty running. Im sure there are many more more questions before then and now!

Octo's in the UK! LoL

I know what you mean, but there is was a funny bill board campaign by North West Water (few years ago) stating that the River Mersey was getting that clean that octopus had returned!!!

Im wasnt sure about this at the time and it gives me a chuckle now when I think of the water quality required for invertes. Im sure there are weirder stories!!!!

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