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Tank Schematics

IMO you won't save any money building a tank unless you've got something awfully big (200+ gallons?) in mind.

Find a nice used tank. If you watch eBay for a month or two you'll probably find something within a few hours' drive, and also check out the classified pages on Reef Central, but beware things there get taken real quick. You might also peruse your local craigslist.

I got mine at www.glasscages.com and couldn't make one any cheaper.

Just check delivery schedules for your area.

Don't try to get too fancy on them though.

I also had to remember that ebay tanks could be full of copper, reef central tanks would have less of a chance-I would think.
The copper is a good point, but if used is the only way it's affordable its a necessary risk. I don't think most test kits (designed for dosing for fish) have a low enough threshold to detect levels harmful to cephs, so your impression of the current owner is probably your most valuable ally.


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