tank is cyclin


Feb 14, 2004
i just recently became fascinated by cephelapods after seeing a beautiful little blue ring in my lfs. my tank is in the process of cycling right now and i would like to know wut the smallest octopus is that i can get. i know blue rings are pretty small and i am also aware that they r extremely venomous. so ne ideas r greatly appreciated
as of right now, i have a 10 gallon, but im plannin on just keeping a baby one in it and then transferring it over to my 29 gallon once i get that started. i'm cyclin it with 2 damsels right now
A ten gallon is really small. Do you have the 29 now?

About the dwarfs-

Dwarfs arent active when you are and dont live very long (only about 6 months). Because they (and their eggs) are so small it is hard to culture them so people go out into the wild to find them. Since it is hard to catch a healthy thing you normally get a old or/and sick dwarf with only a few weeks to live.
i do have the 29 now, but as of right now, it has my brother's turtle in it, but he's getting rid of it so when it's gone, i was gonna convert it to a salt water tank
Ok. I would say that you soak in as much info as you can and when he gets rid of the turtle you cycle it using stuff from the 10 gallon.

Also you can use the ten gallon for a fuge later.

Has your brother used copper in his tank? There is a parasite called Ich that a turtle might get and you treat that with copper or by turning up the heater and adding salt. Copper+Octo=BAD
no he hasn't used copper on it. he actually takes really crappy care of his turtle and all he does is feed it and clean the water. he doesn't even have a heater or filter or nething for it, that's y he's getting rid of it

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