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Tank for the food.


Aug 19, 2004
I'm going to be getting a bimac soon from octopets along with the small clams they sell, but since I live in the midwest of the United States. There is no way I can get to the ocean for small fiddler crabs and such. I want to be able to make these clams last. I just set up a 10g tank with a huge 5 inch sand bed. Can I directly acclimate the clams into this. How many clams will this hold. How long will 200 clams last me with a bimac? How do I feed them? Phytoplankton, left over food? Thanks for all the time!!!
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I'm not sure this is the best direction to go. I'd worry about the clams burying themselves in that deep sand bed, and you need to encourage your bimac to eat other foods, too.

Maybe order the kit with amphipods and 100 clams and start getting your bimac to accept other food such as thawed frozen shrimp or fresh scallops and supplement with some live food. You could order fiddler crabs from Florida for a little over $1 each. Snails and eventually mussels are also possibilites.

Maybe we misunderstand eachother? The tank with the big sandbed will just be for the clams, I've got a 35g long tank for the octopus. So when I want to feed the octopus I'll simply dig the little clams out.... or am I totally wrong in the assumption that I'll be able to dig the clams out. BTW.... I was planning on buying the guppies to try and keep a little continues supply of food going. I did check out the baitshop today, and I guess they sell crayfish, and I was talking to a friend who is an avid fisherman and he said you can catch crayfish easily with some bacon. I guess that won't help me in the winter. But my octopus which I plan to order in october probably wont be ready for big crayfish anyways. I'd imagine he'll just start getting big enought to take down a crayfish when the snow melts.

Any help on feeding the clams?

Same Question!!

I have the same question!! How do you set up a tank for the clams used to feed the baby octos. I understand you want to vary the diet, but i do want to keep some clams on hand. If anyone has a feeding tank for clams set up please share you design and care required for the little clamies.

i have kept clams in the sand beds b4 but they dont last long if u dont feed them up to maybe a week or so ..i m still trying to find wad they can eat
...good luck trying
The deep sand bed wont be nexessary to keep the clams alive and in fact will make keeping them more tricky.. tricky to feed and you wont be able to tell if some have died in the sand until its too late...

Personally, I'd keep them in a bare bottom tank with an internal filter like a fluval and feed them on something like liquifry... I have kept swan mussells alive on liquifry for months at a time... you would want to switch the filter off during feeding tiem to let them syphon some food out of the water.

Liquifry is made by Interpet

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