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Tank for octopus in Holland


Jul 13, 2003
Hi all,

My tank, 1x0.5x0.5m tank, is now running for 2 months.
Soon I want to get myself an octopus, this will probably be a vulgaris or macropus (no bimac available overhere).

Click on this link to see some pictures:

The first picture is the complete tank, the thirth showes how I sealed the top.

Any suggestions or questions, let me know!

ciao, rutger
Hi Rutger,

I'm a bit concerned with that large piece of live rock on the top level of your live rock arrangement.

Because of my experiences with Ollie, who is a female bimac, I am going to be very careful how I put together my live rock the next time. As she grew, she became more interested in tug of war, and toppled many rocks. She also moved them by herself, not to mention digging in the sand underneath them and pushing them down.

I was afraid a heavy rock would fall on her, or roll down to the front and crash the glass. Actually, the aquascape was well constructed with the large pieces well anchored in the sand and the lighter pieces on top --- but I hadn't counted on what Ollie would do.

So, I think I would recommend all heavy pieces on the bottom, some sort of guard pieces to prevent the taller pieces of live rock from falling completely (in combination with an ample open area in the front. Also, I'm probably going to use a piece of resin driftwood as a support for some of my live rock - this will provide some safe caves and help anchor the top pieces, by building on top of it.

I like what you've done with your tank ( aestheticaly [sp?] speaking). I agree with Nancy that by the end of the day, your tank would look quite different due to the octo. I wouldn't be nice having live rock tumble down and squash your ceph. Believe me, I've had that happen to one of my cuttles.

I think your tank might be a little small for both macropus and vulgaris. Vulgaris, has a mantle length of 25cm and its arms will be longer. Macropus has a 15cm ML but has arms up to around a metre long.
Thank for your reply.

I'll have a look at that big rock, the other ones are pretty stable so dont'have to worry about them tomuch. As you can see, it looks more like the average sea aquarium than a special octo one. This is because I do focus a lot on this dutch forum for (normal) sea aquaria. And I did got some soft corals and disc anemones with the life rock, which look very good!

About the size, yes I do know about that a bit.

I bought this aquarium based on the sizes mentioned on this site. The volume should be ok according to the recommendations.
But these were probably for the bimac. Unfortunatly this one is only available in the stated. Here in Holland they only can get me the vulgaris or the macropus. So I kinda feel like, I'll try and see how it all works out!

The other option would be this very small one I can get overhere, but I did here some rumours about it being poisonous ( :wink: )

But Joel, you apparently know more about the macropus, can you inform me on all you know about it?
Just a thought mate but that mesh on the top of you tank, is it metal?

Cause if it is it may corrode mighten it? an you dont want all the nasties that go with that in your tank!!!!

Thats if it metal, cant quite see?!?!?
I'm sorry to dissapoint you but all I know about macropus for the time beings is its size, that its nocturnal and is capable of some pretty impressive colour changes. Thats pretty much it, maybe someone else here might be able to help. For now I'll do a little research.

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