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tank brands


May 16, 2005
hi everyone,
I m lookin for a fully equiped tank, of about 50 gallons.....
anyone knows wat brands are good?? which are not??
i like the Elos ones....but i cant find the prices anywhere....
Your LFS should have prices. I recomend a Oceanic tank or one from glasscages.com thy make costom. But to tell you the truth I've never tryed one of thoses
Clownfish makes a good point...if you buy one from your local store, it will be easier to obtain guarantees, warranties, etc...as well as staff that are used to working with that particular brand.

i just had a look on glasscages.com ....the prices are very attractive, but there is no "packages"...only the tank....
what do you think is better? a package with canopy+light+pumps etc, or buy all those separatly???
Me if I had the money I would buy a costom built tank with all the things I nead exept filteration. I would buy a package cheaper and there wont be any mesurment problems.

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