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sump what????!!!!!

Welcome fellow Scot!

A sump is simply another tank, normally underneath your main tank that is used to hold the filter, skimmer etc etc...

It increases the amount of water in your system and adds a safe place to put all the equipment away from octopuses!

where are you and I'll point you to the right shops to get a sump, failing that I'm only about 10 miles from Glasgow.

I have worked in the aquatic trade for years and i make all my own stuff and have accounts with tropical marine centre etc, but i can certaily recomend a few shops to try for stuff and even check with the importers to see what's available when it comes time to get an octo....

PS as you are in scotland, why not also consider getting a cuttlefish instead of an octopus????? Needs a bigger tank but that depends on your budget???

no, they dont need a chiller :smile:

no, you cant keep them with fish either :frown:

a sump can be made easily from a smaller fishtank and is cheap to make

prestwick pets is quite near you... dave should be able to order tanks and sumps for you :wink:

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