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Stupid Questions


Jul 11, 2003
I know these questions are kinda dumb but i dont know the answer so im asking :biggrin2: .Are the tanks really messy. I mean will like water be everywhere in my room and stuff. Also, do they smell bad. like if i were to put my face close to the tank would it smell bad??

Thanks in advanced
All of my tanks have never smelled bad at all. There really isnt an odor. And there isnt water all around my room. though I do have three different tanks on 3 of the 4 walls in my room.
if your fish smell like fish, somethings wrong..... that goes for fish headed toward the plate, but im sure it works for live ones as well....
A marine tank does have a smell, all aquariums do but to be honest you will have to put your nose right up to a well maintained tank to smell it at all. So they really dont stink out a room unless there is a serious problem!

Carying out water changes can often lead to splashes and takes some practice toget right, luckily i have wooden floors and no carpet near my tank so its easier to clean! Just take your time with water changes and there is less chance of getting water eveywhere!

Shanlyn seems to be able to smell the tanks, she says it smells like the ocean...( :roll: ) of course, this is the girl that can smell the slightest fragrance on anything.
To answer your question, no, it doesn't smell bad. As stated above, if it does, something has gone awry.
My tank rests in a carpeted room, so I bought a plastic carpet runner from Menards and placed the tank stand on top of it. Most splashes have been caught that way, and when I'm going to be especially enthusiastic about my maintenance, I place some towels around the floor as additional protection. That said, I know I've exposed my carpet to enough saltwater, but since it's SALTWATER, primarily that just means it gets wet and salted, and ultimately just salted. Cleaning regularly enough is still advisable, as is sponging up spills, but thus far my carpet has shown no worse for the tank's presence. Anyone else seen signs of saltwater damaging conventional, synthetic carpets?

One of my bigger concerns was the wall behind my tank. If you're setting it next to a wall, make sure there's enough distance between your wall and your tank. My skimmer especially had a habit of spitting gunk against the wall if I let it overfill--I was able to attach a protective sheet of plastic to prevent that.


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