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Still not eating

Feb 16, 2008
So I added some snails and some smaller hermit crabs and a fiddler crab to my tank and my octopus is still not eating any of them. Is there something that I am still doing wrong or another food that I should try? This is pretty frustrating and I am concerned that it is not doing very good but since it never comes out (even check periodically through out the night with red light) I cant really seem to tell whats going on. Sorry for all the questions but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry if this has been asked before, but how old is he to the best of your knowledge. Also have you tried shrimp or scallop pieces on a stick? Also if you haven't already try placing the hermits as close to him or his den as possible.
I have had it for about a month and it was in the lfs for about a week before I got it and thats about all that I know. He is very small and was sold to me as a dwarf which according to the ID forum he is unfortunately not. He is about the size of a silver dollar. I am going to try pieces of shrimp today probably and everything that I have tried to feed it so far I have put right in front of its last know hiding spot with no luck.
You may have mentioned this in the other thread, but checking your water params and doing water changes is part of the "standard advice" for the "octopus isn't eating" question (we should probably put that in the FAQ.) The other "standard answer" to "shy octopus," though, is to try to be patient and let your octo get comfortable, and it's likely to come out more when it's ready...
Yeah I already checked the water parameters and have been doing weekly water changes. I am not really too concerned with the fact that it wont come out but rather that it seems like it has not been eating.
ok I will turn off the heater and see if I can lower the temp. Any other suggestions? I also tried shrimp and scallops on a stick with no luck to that as well.
I have a 70w MH light that is on for about half the day and then I just use my LED moon lights for the rest of the day and nothing at night except for a red flash light periodically.
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