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stepping into the cuttle relm

Feb 24, 2005
ok so i found a 37 glass cube tank for 50 bucks today and ive been considering getting some cuttles. ive got a few choices and would like some input.

i can use the 37 gallon plus around 10 gallons in sump for the cuttles (its 20x25x18) i would use an overflow box or have it drilled not sure yet and would have a power head in it for extra current.

and i can keep my 50 gallon acrylic that is my reef tank as my reef tank.... and just have to make a new hood and light rig for the new tank.


i can switch my reef tank into the new tank and use my 50 gallon acrylic (36x18x17) for the cuttle tank. this tank has a gutter system overflow and has a set of t-5 24 inch and 1 24 inch pc and 17 1 watt blue LEDs in it. i would either try to make the light rig on this tank fit the new reef tank or i would leave it and get a new t-5 and pc rig for the new tank.

anyway lots of suggestions please. im looking into keeping s band and only 3-4 at most since this will be my first time keeping cuttles.

no matter what there will be a skimmer and sump etc on the cuttle tank so thats not an issue
thats kinda what i was thinking... but i would still love everyones opinions.

also if anyone has any sources for band eggs or babies let me know because i hope to have this tank set up in the next few months ive already got plenty of water and rock cycled and ready to go from other reef tanks
After dealing with a siphon for two years on a 35 gallon nano, I would definitely recommend drilling if you are going to do a sump or fuge. The nano has been empty for a couple of years now but we are going to set that tank back up in the near future as a self contained unit for Xenia and maybe a pipe fish or two. Low bio-load and no external sump/fuge. Because of the siphon issues, all our other tanks have been acrylic and I learned that a bulkhead is not JUST a part of a boat :biggrin2:
yeah thats kinda what i was thinking on that aspect. the box would take up alot of room at the top of the tnak and would be ugly as sin. ive built a hood for the 37 and have come up with a lighting scheme for what ever i use it for( im leaning towards making it the reeftank and the 50 as my cuttle tank) ill have the 37 drilled for a semi stand pipe in the back middle. the 50 gallon has a plastic rain gutter turned into an overflow in the back built on the inside of the tank with a single 1.5 inch hole drilled for the outflow to the sump. this has been working great as a reef tank overflow because it provides a trough that ive turned into a mini refugium and sandbed behind the gutter. ill post some pics of both the 50 gallon as its set up now and the new 37 gallon and hood and see what yall think
joefish84;87718 said:
where are they located and what species
This is their address. I haven't purchased from them before. I'm assuming from other posts about them I've read that they are S. Bandensis. You'll have to ask them though.

417 Hueneme Rd #135
Port Hueneme, CA 93041

DO post the pics! We adapted our FW designed 45 gallon tanks by drilling for a bulkhead fitting and then adding ugly 1 and 2 inch (two different tanks - we have the same set up for our 140 reef with larger diameter pipe) set out into the middle of the aquarium with elbows and drain fittings at the top. With the reef, we wanted front and back (it was designed for SW so there was already a back overflow and our ugly piping is installed in it) return water but for the 45's your set up probably gives as much surface return and looks less "plumbed". Since they are black-backed, the plumbing my even disappear entirely in the 45's so I wanna see it.


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