• Looking to buy a cephalopod? Check out Tomh's Cephs Forum, and this post in particular shares important info about our policies as it relates to responsible ceph-keeping.

Starting out small


Jan 20, 2008
hey, im new to Tonmo, i have been fascinated by all cephalapods for at least three years, but never knew how to get one.

i am a teenager that lives in california, so i was wondering exactly how hard it would be for me to set up a tank, and get cuttlefish in it. also i live in a fully carpeted apartment, that might be a problem, should i just wait till i am older, or try to get set up now?:confused:
Welcome to TONMO. You've come to the right place to find the answers to your questions.

Please take the time to read the articles about ceph care. The link is located at the top of the page, underneath the TONMO logo. The main problem you might run into for now is affording the things you need in order to maintain a pet cuttlefish. You might also check with your apartments lease agreement, some don't allow aquariums because of the potential flooding issues and damage they can cause if they leak. Also you should check out the Cuttlefish Care forum and read some of the threads in that forum to get a feel for what caring for a cuttlefish is like, and how expensive and difficult they are to raise and feed.
:welcome: to Tonmo. The best thing to do for now is read, read, and read. We have a lot of members who have studied and learned for years before they got their first cuttle or octopus, but they were totally prepared and knew what they were getting into. We have other members who managed to get a tank set up at school. If you have any teachers who are interested in cephalopods, there could be a possibility that a cuttle tank could become a class project...

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