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Squid care? (renamed)

supersquid_girl said:
ok any squid that can be kept in a tank smaller than 50 gallons?

No! That's the short answer! Squid need room! Having said that the Bobtails and Bottletails can. But they're Sepiolids not Teuthids and thus aren't really squid. Many are extremely nocturnal but I believe that Rossia pacifica can be kept successfully.


Yes, especially if you choose a smaller one that doesn't required chilled water.

For cuttles, look at S. bandensis that is discussed on Cuttlefish Care forum - I believe Righty is still sellling them.

supersquid_girl said:
So should i get an octopuss or cuttlefish? Which is easyer?

Different animals have specific needs. Corals, for example, are considered difficult to keep because they require a certain type of light at high intensity for their photosynthetic symbionts. Yet corals have been kept successfully by many, many more people than cephalopods, which do not have specific lighting requirements. For this reason it is impossible to truly characterize animals as "easy" or "hard."

If you're interested in keeping cephalopods I'm sure you'll read some of the excellent articles on this site about how to keep octopuses and cuttlefish. I'm sure you'll also find the treasure trove of informative discussions on the message boards. I think that if anyone asks a question in the first 12 hours they spend at TONMO they're not making full use of the available resources :o)

With an octopus, you have to escape-proof the entire tank, because they can (and most certainly will...) try and get out. You don't have to escape-proof with cuttles but they can spook easily and jet backwards into a rock or the side of the tank and injure themselves. I am not sure one is easier than the other, just different... both take a lot of attention and end of costing a lot of money in terms of setting up the aquarium, and feeding the animals live food. The cost of the octopus is small in comparison to providing the environment and food... Be prepared, do a lot of reading on this forum (and elsewhere).
Whatever you do, don't rush into this. Tht's a guaranteed way to kill a ceph. Take your time, learn all you can, and keep a healthy saltwater tank going for a long time before you add a ceph.

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