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May 30, 2000
TONMO.com has been upgraded. :party: Sorry for the wait, but we think you'll agree it was worth it. I won't go into a full itemization of all the differences, just explore, and enjoy. TONMO is simply better than it has ever been. Further, the foundation has been laid for resurgent growth going forward. Yes, resurgent! I just went there! Stay tuned for a whole lot more cephalopodical goodness, and plenty to share. Tell your friends! Even @octobot is celebrating. (Hey, user tagging! Cool!)

Special thanks to @Todo10, who was brave enough to partner with us on this VERY DIFFICULT migration effort. It would not have happened without them, led by Claudio, who will stay with the forum to help us directly with any issues or concerns with site functionality, and will be supporting us going forward. Equally, and also essential was our own "D" Denise Whatley (@DWhatley). She has spent the past two weeks advising, trialing, coding, experimenting, and did I mention advising? And fixing, fixing, fixing. If it weren't for D, this migration would have been stunted in several ways that only D could fix.


1) I still need to move many articles, and blogs. Blogs will be added to the forums, and as articles, as applicable.
2) Report Problems: D went to great lengths to ensure forum links wouldn't break. You'll notice our forums are now under the /community subdirectory. However, we think broken links will still be found. Report any broken links in this thread and we'll fix them promptly. Likewise, if you feel anything is wrong or missing, just let us know.
3) Remember the gallery, with all those tattoos and stuff? Yeah, that's gonna come back. Give us a little time. But fixes and enhancements should come with more ease now that we've migrated the foundation.
I'll do a tips and tricks for images soon (tonight if I don't fall asleep first). You probably WON'T need it this go 'round because basic uploading is clean but the software has added a few nice features you don't want to miss (multiple images at one time, drag and drop) so have a look when I get the post up.
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:thumbsup: A really cool new feature for us registered users is the New Posts link, which actually works. If you are logged in, it shows you all unread posts, including those you haven't read since *before* your last visit. Huzzah!


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