Sep 25, 2004
Hi all... This is probally a little out of place and feel free to delete it if you find it fit to be so... Deleteded. ed..... nvm. Anyway what is with the southpark people thing avataars that people have. Whats up with that. Is there somthing im missing?
Hello Octomush,

Those avatars were produced using

The South Park Studio

It was a bit of fun in the Supporters forum that got out of hand.


ps: The SPStudio is addictive. You've been warned.
pps: Um... really does look like that.
oh ya flash programing is awsome I have been looking at it for a wile alot of stuff can be done cartoons, little clips, or long ones it is so cool. if you want to make a better avitar like a small clip or an awsome pic go to it has a big price but it is worth it. oh ya you probably should read a book on it if your going to buy it it gets complicated.
Cool! I've done flash before... Though it sorta sucked. It was about a smiley face being hit in the head with a ball and dying lol. Ok now were getting off tpoic. Ooops!
that looks like more of a Java or Shockwave product than a Flash Production, but please isn't this topic already off-topic? No sense getting back on-topic to talk off-topic...really.

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