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Source for CB Bimacs


O. vulgaris
Mar 25, 2004
Hello. A few years ago I had a Bimac named Florence from Octopets. He has long since passed but I would love to get one again and I am curious as to if you knowledgeable people know of a captive bred source of bimacs or even Cuttles for that matter... Thanks a ton
righty i believe has some sepia bandensis eggs and babies at the moment, but i believe that is all at the moment, since it is at the end of octo season (i believe) i would be hard to get some of the wild cought ones. ask some of the others they may be able to help
Righty's cuttle babys are are from wild-caught eggs and are only tank-raised.

Right now there are no captive-bred cephalopods available to hobbyists.

I read somehwere that a webiste called aquatropics.com had cuttle egss.. Does anyone have experience with them or heard about them?
Aquatropics is next to me in Gainesville, Florida. I drive 1 hour just because I like thier livestock and coral better than local sources. I have gotten cuttlefish eggs from them in the past. They do have bandensis hatchlings right now. Good store-I just went there yesterday and got some coral for my reef tank and saw the babies. They had about 8 in several breeder nets.

They don't know much about them-unlike Righty. So don't expect alot of support on Cephs from them, but they do care very much and the owner has been extremely helpful on everything else fishy.

If you do call them -tell them Mike from Ocala told you to come. I don't get any kickbacks or anything, I would just like the brownie points. :biggrin2:

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