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Some quick needed advice


Oct 16, 2007
Check out Marketplace!!!!

I have shipped coral before but never a ceph....

still 50/50 O2/water?

heat pack? it is cold here
heat pack wrapped in a lot of newspaper?

any other advice would be great...

any ideas how to get an octo out of a tank into a bag.... my thought is crab in bag and hope he goes for it.... but then i need new water in the bag.... new salt water... water from my reef... any other ideas.... just a hope and a prayer?!?!
50/50 should be fine. I would use a larger bag though, and if possible don't feed for the day before shipping. I replied to your post in the Marketplace as well. If it is just in a 2.5 with rubble you should be able to fish it out fine. Don't lure it in with a crab because you will have crab remains that will spike the parameters in the small volume of water the bag holds. I'm glad you are trying to save him but shipping him out while he is stressed may not be the best idea. You could always divide your tank with mesh and egg crate or something if you have to for a little bit.
What kind of octo? I would rather have it chilled than overheated (hmmm, that sounds culinary?)
50/50 is normal. The big worry is about inking. If the bag comes in inked, but the octo is alive, try a radical dunk into fresh salt water...

If the bag arrives without inking, do a slooooooow drip of water from your tank into the bucket/bag that you have.

Don't panic. (shouldn't that be in large friendly words?)
I would love to split the tank but unless someone has some great ideas it isn't possible...
it is a bowfront tank... not large enough for 2 octos... and wouldn't they get stressed seeing eachother... and afraid of what the other octo could pass to mine (mine was tank raised).....

I just remembered that i have a 40 breeder reptile take with locking screen but no skimmer and don't know how i would give him flow without just putting a power head in there...

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