So much fun

Jul 15, 2005
Today I stopped by a local bait shop and picked up some live shrimp. I dropped one in with Pulpo and she went nuts. She was running all over the tank after this shrimp. Up until now she has been eating crabs that dont really have a chance of getting away. I dropped another one in thinking maybe she would get one or the other but it seems they are too fast for her. I felt kinda bad so I clipped the tail on another one and dropped it in front of her and she grabbed it quick. A few hours later just a clear shell is left in front of Pulpos den. Maybe in time she will learn how to stalk better for react faster. I have to say it was fun watching her miss over and over again.

Just thought I would pass the info along
Ollie, my bimac, had to learn to catch shrimp.

At first she chased them head first, then tried to flip her arms out in front, but she was always too late. Then she tried floating down on an entire rock where a couple of shrimp were resting and enfolding the rock in her mantle. This was more successful.

I would put maybe twenty one-inch shrimp in the tank at a time and she became obsessed with capturing all of them. She turned to hunting upside down on the water's surface at night, coloring herself black. In the morning all the shrimp were gone and Ollie slept in late!

When I had two small turtles, we bought some fish as food, just to see what would happen, they chased non stop for about 2 hours. But they never got them, and after that they would always slowly drift close and try to nip them, funny to watch. It must have been frustrating as hell.
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