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May 30, 2000
Ok... I just got back to my room, which is across the street from the Crown & Anchor, which is where we went after the event.

Can't post all about it now, but I will say that it was A W E S O M E.

The convention itself was fascinating -- the content was incredible. Videos, information, pictures, Big Red, stickers.... All the presenters pretty much knocked everyone's socks off.

The convention hall was pretty much ideal, I'd say. The air was a bit stuffy in the afternoon, but whatever. Not a big deal. The layout and facilities were great.

I videotaped a bunch of stuff, but not everything due to copyright concerns. I should have some great video and pictures to post, as should others. Give me a couple/few days.

Oh, and toward the end of the convention, something awful happened. It was terrible. It was just awful. So terrible and heartless. Why?

Then, the Crown and Anchor. What a crowd. It was really a great experience meeting these people. Tomorrow, Dr. Gilly invited us to visit his lab, believe it or not. So the events aren't over yet!

Erich Orser and Melissa are incredible people for doing all they did on this. Too many thank-yous to dole out right now, though. Plenty of thank-yous are due.

To everyone reading this who couldn't be there -- you were missed!!!
Jared, A rabid squid, monty, cthulhu77, erich orser, melissa, righty, wm gilly, fujisawi sake, rona, cephkid, chrono war, pipsquek, kimberly haas, shepmoon, squidman, purple tentacle.... were all among the community members on hand. Who am I missing?
Thanks for the first report, Tony! Glad it went so well.

Wish you had time to say more and can't wait until you post some of the photos and videos.

I'm glad you all had a great time. Cthulhu came too? I hope you got his autograph; that's quite rare, it'll go for a wad on e-Bay!

Look forward to the pics.
I'm glad everything's going well... Someone better send me a free shirt :heee:

Oh, and toward the end of the convention, something awful happened. It was terrible. It was just awful. So terrible and heartless. Why?

Eh? What's this about?
It was great to meet you all. I wish I could have stuck around for diner but I had to get back up to Santa Cruz. Thanks for an informative and all around swell time.

Thats about the Prom King showing up!

Mighty Cthulhu will be displeased with you! May you be the last of his followers to be eaten!

tonmo said:
Oh, and toward the end of the convention, something awful happened. It was terrible. It was just awful. So terrible and heartless. Why?

So what happened??? Was it the arrival of the GC Himself?, I must say, he looks bigger on TV :confused:
Wow, wow, and more wow...that is how it went !!! The footage of feeding Humbolt's...walking baby cuttles...amazing, all.

Just woke up after the trip back, what a *&**** drive that was, but will try to post some pics soon.

Tony and Company put on a first class show, and it was one fun time !!! I thought that the people here on Tonmo were cool just from the posts and emails, but in person they are even greater !!! To those of you who didn't make it, we really missed you, and everyone was talked about in great detail. Were your ears burning???
I had a great time, and so did the three who came along with me. If I were wearing socks, they would most certainly have been knocked off. I wish I could have stuck around for drinks at the Crown and Anchor, not to mention that Hopkins tour, but I had to be at a wedding in Rancho Palos Verdes at 10 o'clock the next morning and we figured we had better get going.

We passed the time on the drive back to Santa Barbara by discussing what we would do with a cuttlefish tank, an ROV, an AUV, an HD video camera, the $13,000 laser plotter sitting in the MBARI hallway, a 30-foot deep swimming pool with windows, and a giant Cthulhu costume. We basically decided we're really gonna need all of that stuff.

Many thanks to Melissa, Tony, Erich, and anyone else who helped organize this. Also, many thanks to all of the presenters. Great stuff!
Boy, do I hate my camcorder. I have a bunch of video, but the filesize does not compress and the files are enormous. i.e., 1.5 gigabytes for a 3-minute clip!) There's no way I can post that. Am researching this, hope to resolve.

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