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smaller species

ps I have found these creatures have a way of making me feel very stupid and most of my other reefing experences no longer matter its a whole different ball game with them. Dad still says when i get one it will escape or die within a month. Ill show him !!!!!!!!

Colin may have more exact information, but I have read that bimacs tolerate room temperature. This doesn't include an 85 degreee summer temperature, if you don't have air conditioning. Maybe 65 degrees up to 72 or 73 is a good range to aim for.

Yep, the bimac could go down to about 60degF and upto 75deg F without any bother. But the cooler it is the longer it will live.

Just got a catalogue in the mail and That Fish Place in PA where I got my bimac, Hermin now delivers!!!


I'm gonna go look now! I know everything I've ever bought from them has been excellent!!!

Invert page is not finished yet, but I did see my favorite fish of all time, the dusky jawfish!! Anyone that's familiar, knows these fish are masters at decorating the holes they live in. I always give them marbles, seaglass, shells, and it's amazing, every one of them, I've ever owned chooses to construct his home right in the front of the tank. (I may need to convert my cichlid tank to salt!!!!!)

Thanks for the info everyone. As for ordering one online from that fish place it would make no sense because i only 10 minutes away. I might order one from them though and just pick it up. Still have to build the tank!!! Thinking ill build my own from acrylic so i can drill it myself. Not sure yet.

Your jawfish story reminded me of a decorator crab that was in a shop i worked in. At Xmas we put in some tinsel and stuff like that and ended up with an Xmas tree crab. It was funny and they always seem so proud of their new 'clothes' LOL :lol:

i to live very close to that fish place. I was just down there and they have 1 octopus in stock. Sinces its weds they might get some more in. I am there very frequently almost live there. I have a 30 gallon set up ready for an octopus and I am going to set up a larger tank for one soon. The 30 gallon will be good for now. My 30 gallon so be or close to being ready. Its already housed 12 seahorses. Not all at once of coarse. 6 at a time. Till they where ready to make there move to my other tanks. So im going to be purchasing my octopus from that fish place with in the next week(s) I might just pick one up friday if they have one. There is 4 seahorses left in the 30 gallon and they can be moved by then. Ive noticed they have been id there small octopus as pygmys. And you said you got your bimac there. Well atleast i can id them now. That fish place is very good iders. The owner doesnt like the fish room that much. I know a manager there and we talk often. Just a word of caution watch out if you order fish. Ive seen just as many sick fish as healthy ones.
I to love that fish place. But you must be weary when picking out fish there is always a few DOAs and many deased fish. But if you know what your looking for you can make out ok.
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