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smaller species


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Dec 20, 2002
Hello I am new to this site and keeping octopi but I am very interested in doing it. I have experence with keeping reef tanks a 210,70,and soon to be 20. I was always wanting to keep a octopus just have not had the ambition. I am intereseted in having a small species. Somthing that could live in the range of 10-30 gallons. I am also looking for a warm water species due to funds. And if anyone knows a good site for buying a octopus that would be helpful. I've had my eyes open for one at that pet place. Thanks for the help
Hi there RR!

Welcome! I notice you mentioned you've been looking at Pet Place! Well, if you saw my pictures and posts about Hermin, that's where he came from! We were on vacation, always stop at that Pet Place, saw this tiny little bimac, and came back 1 week later to buy him! I know you can call them and request things. Anyway, I've had Hermin about 4 months now and he's a very healthy, curious and ravinous little octo! I would recommend keeping your eye out there!!!

Carol :biggrin2:
Thanks for the reply carol. I am fortunate enough to live only 15 minutes away from that pet place. Anyway you said that your octo was great what was his species? Any other species recomendations that could live in a 10-30 gallon. Thanks
Sorry just saw you said your octo was a bimac. Missed that at first. Anyway could you give me a few characteristics of this species also?
Thanks again
If you look at Hermin's pictures in the photo section of this board, you will see two blue dots on either side of his mantle(?). (or at least one) I do believe the bigger the tank the better off you are. My bimac is in a 44 gal pentagon. Check out the equipment list on this site also!

You're lucky to be so close to the shop! Takes us 2 hours to get there!

Thanks for the info Carol. Hermin sounds great. About how big is he. How large do you expect one of his species to grow? Do you know of any other species that stays small and does well in captivity?
Thanks a bunch
Well... I believe Colin and Nancy are the experts on species..... But I do know Bimacs stay smaller that some of the others. When I bought Hermin, his mantle was about 1" in length. Now he's about 3" and thats in 4 months. Legs have to be about 7" (?) or more???

He is quite the charactor, although he has been startled twice, with a little inking.

People keep bimacs because they are relatively small and make good pets. They are now being captive bred, so you don't have to get one caught in the wild.

Yes, There are many smaller octopuses (including pygmy octopuses), but I think you'd enjoy having a bimac more. And sometimes its hard to find other species, or the octopus for sale is not identified as to species.

And yes, Carol, Hermin is going to keep growing a bit!

Thanks for the info! Sorry for all the questions but one more. How big will a Bimac be at full size? And how has yours been for escape attempts?
Hi Manny
I reckon you'll need to either order one online or get a local shop to get one in for you. the last I heard captive breds will be available in late January- February so the word will be on here :smile:

Hi JJ,
Back to the previous question- the size of a full grown bimac.
Cephalopods: A World Guide gives the size of a bimac as about 4 1/2 inches for body length, and 14 inches for the legs (I'm converting roughly from cms). Perhaps someone who has raised a bimac to full adulthood in an aquarium can comment on whether they reach this size in captivity.

As for escaping, bimacs have a reputation for being less prone to escape than many other species of octopuses - BUT, at least two people reported bimac escapes last year: one into the sump and the other right onto the floor. In both cases the octos were found in time and survived. So, take precautions!

Hope that helps

Thanks everyone for the info. I am very intersted in keeping a bimac. I think it will be orderdered a little after christmas from that pet place. I was planning on a 30 gallon but it sounds like 40-50 may be better. Sounds like my room needs some orginization! One last thing if you dont think 40 or 50 gallons is suffecient let me know. Happy Holidays Thanks again everyone
Thanks one more question please dont hate me for it but in another post you said bimacs dont need heaters. What is there ideal temp? If i need a chiller the bimac species may be out because i am in high school and the cost is a little crazy. The car found has already been reduced significantly!
Thanks again colin
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