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Dec 14, 2007
I now have a 12 gallon eclipse tank set up and running, but I was wondering if there was a skimmer that could go on it, I am willing to cut the hood and do everything I need to put it on. I only use the hood for lighting, the filter is not in it and I just use a hang on filter instead.

I'm not exactly sure yet, but it will probably have a couple clowns, an anemone, and some type of naudibranch. I heard that for this kind of load I wouldn't need a skimmer, but I dont yet know what I will put in it, and I would like to be ready for whatever I get, and have the best environment for my fish.
the tunze nano DOC is pretty small will that possibly fit? what are the maximum dimensions you can go with inside the tank? Any HOB skimmer will work if you take the lid off...
ErikHarrison;114012 said:
The CPR would probably be your best bet. They are used alot in small reef tanks. If you have the cash, go with a Deltec!

Forget Deltec! A DAS is the same thing minus the deltec logo and price tag! Deltec sold the design to DAS and now DAS makes a virtually identical skimmer for nearly half the price. Ill put my DAS up to the equivilant deltec any day and ill bet they pull the same ammount of skimate!
This is my seccond post about this. Please do not get an anemone until you have the experience and the equipment to maintain the life of this creature. Anemones are very delicate and have many high requirements. The smallest tank I would keep an anemone in would be a 40-50 gallon. I have seen so many anemones die because the purchaser simply doesn't understand what it takes to sustain it's life. They require 3-4 watts of light a gallon to start, along with very stable temperatures, pristine water. I am not trying to harp, I just don't want to see another mistake...
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