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May 31, 2006
I picked up some mussel, clam, and snail shells while I was out at the beach today getting some crabs. (Beautiful day! The water was perfect for wading!) I put them in the tank at first (#3 pounced on the mussel, I think he thought it was more food. He's been eating a lot lately.), but I took them out this evening 'cause I didn't want to contaminate the tank. Is there anything I have to do to clean them? Or can I just leave them in the tank?
The reason your bimac pounced on the mussel shell was that mussels are part of the bimacs diet along the California coast. Octopets(a breeder) used to serve cracked mussels along with shrimp and crabs to the young octos.

A number of us have used shells from the ocean as long as they're really clean - I rinse them and let them dry out for a few days. In a true scientific environment you'd probably not do this.


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