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Several questions


Feb 11, 2004
If I get a used tank for an octopus, and I clean it really good first, do I still need to worry about whether or not copper was ever used in it??? Or is it safe to assume that if I clean it really well, and dry it out, that it will be ok?

Also, I have noticed in a lot of the posts that a lot of you will actually inter-act with your octos, some actually reach in and let the octo touch them. How likely are you to get bitten, or cause the octo to ink?? I'd like to read more about how you "trained" them.
First, welcome to Tonmo! :biggrin2: The copper issue is really rather important...cephs are particularily edgy about metals, and the general consensus is that if copper was ever used in the tank, it will likely have an effect on the octos health...the copper actually can penetrate the silicone caulking and remain embedded in it. Some people have tried to remove all of the old caulking, and redo it...
Since 50 standards have gotten so cheap, it might be better to just buy a new one from Petco or somesuch...
regarding the training...octos (especially captive born bimacs) are just plain nosy about everything...they learn quickly who feeds them, and they do love to eat! A little bit of positive reinforcement training, and you can get your bimac to do all kinds of things...Nancy and Carol both have bits of info, and I am sure they will chime in, along with pics !
Can hardly wait to here how your new tank turns out...
I'd quite like some more ideas on what to do with my bimac really, I tried possitive reinforcement and he loved it, him and my GPO both know who I am and behave totally differently to other people!

It's great fun.

Can't get either of them to open jam jars tho (Well a small jar for Mac!)

Most of us have not so much trained our octos as developed ways to play with them. I had a lot of luck, as have others, using a long feeding stick to offer food and also as a tug-of-war stick. When Ollie was small, she used to hang onto the stick, and I would swing her around the tank.

They like to chase fingers on the glass and seem to have a real attachment to the cleaning magnets. Ollie would take the inside half and hide it in her den, waving it out on one armtip to tempt us. When we tried to get it back, she pulled it back in and hid it! Also, she would use the magnet to get attention - when she took the magnet, the outer half would fall off, making a big noise, and someone always came running! We were well trained!

Other games were Ollie and I each plastering our faces against the glass and going eye to eye, my petting her and rubbing her under her eyes , letting her long arms run through my fingers as she went by, and so forth.

Octopuses are really fun to touch!

Other octo keepers have tried different ways of playing - maybe you'll hear from some of them.

Hi andy,
are you able to take/show pics of the GPO? It is a species that I find very interesting and like to see more of on the site... what size is it etc?

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