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Setting up cuttlefish tank

Aug 27, 2006
Hi everyone! I Have a 120gal Reef tank which has been setup and running for about a year now. I needed a place to frag out some corals that are getting to big. Soo instead of just getting a 100-75gal tank for just frags i was thinking of makeing a species tank for a cuttlefish/prop tank.

I know cuttlefish wont bother corals but probly will mess with the clean up crew. Which wont be a problem because i have about a million snails in my refuge tank. I was wondering what species of cuttlefish would like reef temps and have plenty of room in a 100-75gal tank.

would the cuttlefish mind haveing corals in the tank with it? sorry for being a newbie when it comes to these creatures. But these creatures are soo amazing and interesting :smile: .

refer to the ceph care section and look at the cuttlefish articles.

also :welcome: to tonmo

for your size tank and temp i would do a colony of sepia bandensis, you wont have a proublem with hermit crabs or snails being eatn as your cuttle wont bother with them.

I've seen one of my cuttles coveting a hermit crab, poking out his attack-club in contemplation. But he's never gone through with it. Yet. :smile:

My cuttle gets along with blue leg hermits, emerald crabs, small turbo snails, and those little snails that burrow in the sand.

I have mushrooms, zoas, xenia, and tridacna growing without problems.

Any shrimp that enters the water is toast though.
thought i'd jump in here with an almost relavent question. so in a 75 gallon tank how many sepia bandensis can be kept in the tank without being too crowded?

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