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senescence for sale

Jan 31, 2003
Just thought I'd tell everyone what I saw in a LFS the other weekend. I went in a pet shop in Va that has a lot of marine fish and occasionally cephs. In their last tank (a corals tank with bright lights) was an octo in a tupperware container. The container was in the front bottom corner of the tank and outside on the glass it said "octopus-$99.00". Upon closer inspection I noticed that the octo had a small clutch of about 6 eggs. The octo was pale and looked like it was on its way to the great ocean in the sky. I felt sorry for the octo and for the poor sucker that pays 100 bucks to have an octo for a week. I thought about telling one of the employees, but since most of them already know everything, I declined. I also considered trying to buy the eggs but I didn't see anything inside of them and figured it wasn't worth the trouble(they were small eggs). I have no idea what the species was...it was not a bimac, the mantle was the size of a lemon and I take it that it was full grown. John


Colossal Squid
Nov 19, 2002
:mad: grrrrrr that sort of thing makes me sooooooo mad. One of our local stores has seahorses for sale, in a tank with a vigourous bubbler and a temp of 22C (a bit warm for southen horses) one male is already "swimming" on it's side. I've discusssed this with them before. :mad: :mad:



TONMO Supporter
Nov 14, 2002
selling adult octopuses is a terrible thing to do and should be discouraged. Its also one of the reasons why they have a name for being impossible to keep for any length of time!

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