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senescence already!!!???


TONMO Supporter
Nov 14, 2002
Well i fear my worst case scenario is coming true... seems like my newly aquired octo was an adult and i think it is already displaying signs of senescence. I had came to this conclusion only a few days after i got it but now 2 weeks later seems to be the case.

This means that the classic signs of uncoordinated activity, 'friendlyness', pale colour and lack of appetite are quite apparant... makes its eyes look a lot bigger too.

Such a shame as it was a nice octopus but my initial guess of a a member of the horridus complex seems to be right. (O. aculeatus?)

That's really too bad - sorry to hear this news, especially since it was such a nice octopus. Sometimes they don't last very long.

But, try again (which I'm sure you will).

Hey Colin!!!

That's a shame! He was really amazing looking! Have you scoped out your next yet?

I remember that look. Used to really tear me up. I dread the day when Hermin gets to that point! I've been really lucky!!!

Hi Carol

oh yeah, you better belive it!!! LOL

Actually importing my own this time, eventually managed to get the boss onside and he's going to import a couple for me next week... just yesterday i was telling Nancy i'd wait for a while before i got more too! :P

Okay, so what have I ordered??????? Well, they called them vulgaris, but as we all know, chances are something completely different.....

Obviously I'll let you all know on Tuedsay what happens.....

So Colin, do you think I believed for a moment that you'd really go octopus-less for a while?!

Glad to hear that more are on the way. Wonder what kind they'll turn out to be?


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