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Saying Goodbye to Roxy

Jan 31, 2003
My girlfriend and I said fairwell to Roxy as we gave her a funeral at sea today. She was sealed in a Canvas bag just as Ollie was and given back to the sea. We originally wanted to lower her off the end of one of our local piers. Unfortunately today was so nice that the pier was full of people, so that was a no go. We figured someone would see us drop a white bag off the end of the pier and call the police on us for murder or something. And then we would get arrested and they would send divers down to see who we killed and sent to Davey Jones Locker. :lol: So we went down the beach to an area with rocks and tide pools and sent her off there. It's the same place I used to catch her hermit crabs when she was younger. Fairwell Roxy, we'll miss you sweety. And thanks to Nancy for all your help. John & Kim


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Nov 20, 2002
Ahhhh.....I like the idea of placing Ink & Hermin where Jess & I used to catch their food. Our favorite collecting spot was where a railroad bridge is and when the tide is right, there is quite a strong current that would wisk them both right out the inlet and back into the sea.

I will miss Roxy too!!


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