Jan 10, 2020
Portland, Or
Happy belated new years, everyone! I've had a deep love for our cephalopod friends (most particularly squids) for many years now. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest has offered me the pleasure of witnessing these magnificent creatures in person. I remember being fascinated with them as a kid when I visited an aquarium in Newport, only to feel myself drawn to this beautiful violet specimen I locked eyes with for minutes on end (he was a smart one). I'm also infatuated with Lovecraft (the Call of Cthulhu), so I think that only cemented my love for the ocean and the marine inhabitants of its kingdom.

I am hoping that I can soon learn how to keep one as a pet. I read the book Cephalopods by Colin Dunlop and Nancy King a couple years ago about the subject that was very helpful. In fact I was convinced to join this sight when I discovered it just last night after seeing that they were members of this forum. I just want to shout out and thank you both profusely for the knowledge you guys compiled in that book. Your information was very helpful and your photographs were stunning!

I guess that's everything for now. Take care! :smile:
Welcome to the site!

Colin and I enjoyed writing the Cephalopods book (but it was a lot of work!). We based it on actual experiences ceph keepers were having and tried to make the advice as relevant as possible. Many of the wonderful photos were taken by Tonmo members.

Hope you do get to keep your own octopus. It’s a rewarding experience. And there is more information about octopus keeping here on the site.

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