S. officianalis

Apr 8, 2004
How many people would be interested in buying officianalis and what would you be prepared to pay for them?

We have a lot of eggs comming in at the moment and if there is enough interest in them then I might hatch and grow them on.

Let me know


If not then I know a company selling them!

Hi andy

it might be easier selling the eggs as postage would be much easier and cheaper, they can be packed in damp cotton wool etc...

I would think that eggs would be about £2 or each
newly hatched about £5 - 10 and at 3" about 15

But dont count me as an interested party, just chipping in :smile:

id like to buy a few eggs but im in the united states so the shipping would be a lot. but im willing to pay about whatever it costs. e mail or pm me.
Andy Lister said:
Nice one, got about 1500 eggs at the moment! Hehe


You must lucky fellow, you!!

Now how would one go about posting 1 or 2 of these?

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