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S Bandensis


Jun 7, 2004
After keeping S Officinallis and losing him (8 months ago) I have only now just let myself think slightly about keeping a ceph again.

I have the chance of some imported eggs, which i believe are S Bandensis.

If I am able to obtain them, can you advise will 2 or 3 (if raised together) be ok in a 70 gallon tank. And will they eat my typical clean up crew or turbos and red leg hermits.
They might go for the hermits but snails seem to be left alone, in a 70 gallon 3 should do fine, make sure they get well fed though, if one is smaller than the others it'll make a good meal for the others when they get hungry.
Hi Mikey
any chance of letting me know where the foreign eggs are coming from?
Hi Colin, good to speak to you again.

Once i have been in contact with my guy, i'll try to let you know. I doubt the secret will be forthcoming, but will have a go!
a few tonmo'ers have been successful with bandensis am i right?

they have great colour too - i watched some of joels(?) video!

indonesia is not far from australia you know :razz:

haha... if you could let us know it would be fantastic - they are eggs you say? even better!

if you cant tell me how to get them can you tell me how you found the indonesian supplier? it is really difficult trying to make a contact when you dont know where to start lol
Eggs from indonesia could be bandensis but it could also be a latimanus or anything in between, you could give them a try.Sorry this doesn't help much..
no no no way!!!! :grad:

bandensis i dont know all that much about except that they only grow to like 10cm full length but latimanus grow up to 30-40cm mantle length (plus more for arms and tentacles!) they are almost a tropical version of the common european cuttlefish now for sale on the internet.

according to the nrcc latimanus may not reach their full size in an aquarium if ample space is not provided and adapt better to a slightly smaller tank but it is definitely NOT reccomended (200 gallon minimum as always) they are really cool though...lol :lol:
i guess if it turns out well we can share information if it is possible...

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