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S.Bandensis Eggs - Almondsaz Cuttlefish Journal

Well apparently there have been a couple people that have ordered from this place but I don't think the reviews have been that good (might be wrong), but definitely tell us how it all goes.
Anyway good luck with the cuttles!
I am going to keep my fingers crossed, it is so hard to find the eggs. I was told to get hatchlings, but that is near impossible.
Eggs arrived in individual bags this morning and one egg hatched in shipping. Will start a thread from egg to ??? I have 4 more eggs and hope to get at least 2 more to hatch.
New Hatchling and Feeding

I have a new hatchling (today) and I have 4 live mysid shrimp in with him. I have not noticed that he is interested at all in them, nor does he seem to be hungry. Is this normal? I thought that I read that depending upon how much of the yolk sack is remaining they could go for 2 or 3 days before eating.

Looking for some experienced breeder input....please.
Between the shipping and transfer to a new aquarium, your little guy is probably not hungry, they often don't eat for the first few days. Also, they are just so small in the beginning that it is hard to see them eat. I would offer one or two mysid shrimp at a time.
Almondsaz Cuttlefish Journal

I thought I would start a journal of the cuttlefish now that I have not only 5 eggs (less 1) because I also have a hatchling. I wasn't going to get into naming them, but oddly enough he has an "Omega" symbol on his back....so without being clever I named him Omi. I purchased a large intank regufium from CPR and it provides controllable flow inside the fuge container and also uses the existing DT water. I read somewhere about hanging the eggs so I gently used cotton fiber and tied up one egg so it isn't moving around or prone to getting asternia on it. The other 4 I put in the conventional method of housing them in a net breeder. I purchased 4 of them. Right now I have one for the eggs, one for the live mysid and the other two I am waiting till I have further need, perhaps for common shrimp when they get older and the CS are part of their diet.

And in the picture of the in-tank fuge you will see bridal vail clumps. I used it to clog the flow holes and keep the cuttles in but to still allow flow.


1. Purchased 5 eggs from Paradise Pets in Wake Field Texas; received them 29 Jan 2010
2. First egg hatched in transit; 29 Jan 2010
3. Introduced mysid to the container with Omi and have not yet observed him feeding or moving around a lot (he has moved and I do know he is alive - think he has just gone through alot and is settling in).

I have attached some pictures, not great. These little guys are really hard to get a good photo, but I will keep trying.


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Congrats on the hatching.

I would wait 2 days before trying to feed them. Sometimes it takes longer but personally I've never had one eat any sooner.
So I was looking and the eggs and it almost appears that their are layers to them. The outerlayer seems to be darkly pigmented by the ink and then the inner layer, which I am hoping is thin and means it is going to hatch soon because it is so translucent. There is a lot of fluid around the hatchling inside.... I am guessing that one egg will hatch tomorrow as the skin of the egg is so thin and translucent.
Does everyone do eggs or do some people do hatchlings? It seems the pro is that the eggs are hardier and easy to acclimate, but the con is that no guarantee that they are fertile.

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