Roxy felt me up!

Jan 31, 2003
I was finishing up some pics of Roxy this afternoon...she was being a good little model! Afterwards she was sitting in the front corner of the tank watching me. I felt like I had a really good opportunity to see if she would make contact with me. I put my hand in the tank about 10" away from her. For a minute or so, she moved up and down the side glass inspecting my hand and arm. She then went along the bottom under my hand looking up at it. Finally she floated up and put a few arms out and grabbed my hand. It was the wierdest feeling ever as she felt every bit of my hand with her tentacles. She then reached down and grabbed a rock of about two pounds. I didn't know how strong they were. She lifted the rock off the bottom trying to pull my hand down. I moved my hand to the rock and she was all over it. I was a little frightened of that beak underneath so I pulled away lightly and she finally let go. I guess she was a bit shooken up because she let out two tiny puffs of ink as she swam away. The ink cleared up in just a second so I guess it's no big deal. She's in the rocks now and seems no worse for the wear. Very cool experience. :D

That is cooooool. 8) 8) Roxy sounds like quite a character! Given her ability to lift rocks it sounds like you picked the right name. :lol:

Tralfaz still will only watch me from partial concealment so I don't want to freak him out by doing the same. I am putting my hand in the tank when I feed him snails. So, hopefully, he will get used to it and connect it with food. We will see.
Yeah, no need to rush it until Tralfaz seems like he's ready for it. I told myself I wasn't going to do it until Roxy got to know me better, but it was just one of those times when you go for it or just forget it. She must not be too bothered by it, because she came back out in the open 30 minutes later and ate a crab I put in there. :)

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