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Roxy and the Bottle...

Jan 31, 2003
I was in a craft store the other night and I saw some small bottles with corks in them for $.99. I couldn't resist, I had heard the story several times and had to try it myself. I went out this afternoon and caught about 6 crabs at the local docks. When I got home Roxy was out and hunting. I put one of the crabs in the bottle and sat it straight up in the bottom of the tank with out cork. Roxy came out to investigate, wrapping herself around the bottle every few minutes. She even threw the "joker" on the crab dividing herself down the center, half white and half dark brown. After several attempts to suck the crab through the side of the glass she seemed to become frustrated. I tilted the bottle down a bit almost parallel with the bottom. She came back out and tried again, even sticking her arm half way in, just not far enough. Eventually the crab worked his way to the mouth of the bottle and stayed there half way out. Roxy just sat there and stared at it. It was almost like she had never seen a crab before. She went off and the crab eventually came out and sat beside the bottle. She came over and looked at him through the other side of the bottle and even sat on top of the bottle. Then she stuck her arm all the way in the bottle and felt all aroud( a little too late for that! :roll: ). She gave up and went back to her den. After the crab had free roam of the tank for about 10 minutes she finally came over and snatched him up. Oh well, I guess it's a start...I'll keep you guys updated with the progress. Once she learns to pull the crab straight out, I'll try corking it up.
I did the same thing, it took about a week, but i use guppies with the cork real loose. She drug the whole thing to her cave :shock: so i never did see her get it but one morning the cork was floating and the bottle was in her midden pile :roll:
I caught a little stone crab today and decided to put it in the bottle for roxy. The crab was too big for the opening and I broke it up forcing it in. Roxy had her arms in the bottle before I could even put it on the sand. The crab was too big to pull out, so after about 5 minutes I had to help her. I pulled the crab out with some tweezers and hand fed it to her since she was anxiously waiting at the top. For the next crab I get, I'll cork the bottle and try to get a crab that actually fits throught the opening. :roll:
:shock: She ate the cork! :shock: ...

just kidding...sort of. I put two hermits in the bottle and corked it up. It took her all of 2 seconds to pull the cork out. She was more interested in the cork than the hermits. She went all around the tank with it held tight near her mouth. I was a bit fearful that she was chomping away at it. She eventually took it to her den along with the hermits. The cork is still intact but she has yet to release it.

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