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RIP Eureka


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Nov 20, 2002
Well, we noticed she had died this morning. Never got attached as she was quite the loner and we only had about 2 weeks with her before she stopped eating and went into her guarding egg mode. She had a spot inside a Lava Rock so we never did confirm if there were eggs or not and did not notice any larva swimming like in the past. Someone had started a thread, are octopuses worth it...well....absolutely yes. Even though we only had her for about 2 months, she had attitude, and this was probably the first really tiny dwarf we had. I still think she was one of the ones that always lives in abandon shells. Every octopus I have had is sooo different that you never know what kind of an experience you will have with them. Even though I only had her 2 months, it was well worth it!

Jan 6, 2003
Im so sorry for the loss, but at least the next time you ever get a dwarf without intending to, you'll know right away if it its a dwarf again and make the best of the experience.