RIP Dottie


Feb 27, 2003
Very sad day :sad: :sad: Today of all days, I get a phone call from my daughter, Dottie has passed away :sad: I am totally dumb founded
:confused: Params are perfect...... I am at a complete loss...... Heart broken, confused, my day is totally shot, I am so sad, coming home on Valentines Day and to loose the one thing I most want, has passed away is crushing, What went wrong??? What happened??? Everything was great!!!!!!! Tank is still fine!!! I had the water tested at the LFS!!!! I am devestated............
Debbie, I am so sorry to hear about Dottie. :sad: :angelpus:

I know how much you liked her.

The only thing I can think of is the food. Mabye she wasn't getting all the nutrition she needed. We have had several other recent mysterious baby bimac deaths, and I wonder if this is the case for all.

I will be looking into the food issue - Dottie refused to take frozen shrimp and other food that would be best for her and I don't understand why.

On the other hand, maybe some of the little ones just aren't as strong as others.

My sympathies,

Very sorry. From my experience with baby fish I know that sometimes all can be right in the environment but a percent still pass away.

I think you should try again.
:sad: I'm very sorry to hear about Dottie too. Thinking of you.
I am sorry to hear about the losses! I recently lost OCTOROK due to mysterious circumstances so I know how it feels. You did your best to give Dottie a good life and that is all that you can do! What matters is appreciating the time you do have and doing your best to prolong it.

Condolences to all of you who have recently lost your octos.

Dawnchihuahua, the last we heard you were expecting a surprise octo for Valentine's day. Did the little bimac die in shipping?

I'm hoping for better news in the future.

Hi Nancy,

My little octo arrived on Friday and he was dead by Sunday. I don't know what happened to him-- The water was perfect, he had tons of caves, there were clams, ghost shrimp, and even a couple baby guppies for him to eat. He was fine the first day and the second, and the third I looked in on him and he was hanging out outside a cave, 20 minutes later he flashed black and was dead. ??? It's a mystery. I am going to do an 80 % water change, a few more pounds of live rock, and perhaps try again in a few weeks. Any suggestions for my second go around?
Are you going to try again anytime soon?
Right now i just dont know, im still in the sad stage :cry: I only had her for three weeks.... Sad how you put so much energy and love into it and something bad happens.... maybe soon i will have another one :wink:
sad sad story indeed,

I also received a baby bimac ''aquacultured'' only a few weeks old
from a california supplier on the 7th and it lived 36 hours.
I first thought it got stung by an aptaisia... but with this wave of bimac deaths... one could begin to think this is a weak batch of hatchlings!!!!

:oops: i cry along with you
I wonder if it might have something to do with the time of year? Maybe the areas they have to travel through to get to us are too cold for them. I noticed that the octopets place is in CA-- I am sure that ithey went through significant tempature changes to get to those of us who live all the way across the country. Mine (Xavier) left at 2:39 in the afternoon and didn't arrive til 20 hours or so later, that must have been stressful. Arugh. I am just at a loss for what could have happened. I am going down to the beach tomarrow at low tide hoping against hope that there will be a little octo waiting in a tide pool for me... I know that it's just a dream though, I have never seen one on the beaches here.

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