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Real ocean water?

Mar 4, 2005
Hiya... just some random thoughts about water...

I live 5 miles from the Monterey Bay here (I mean from the beach itself) and was thinking if we ever get around to getting an octopus (which we aren't doing just yet!) if I can use ocean water, because obviously it would have the right salinity.

Also, if I were to do that, what could I transport it in, because a "bucket" wouldn't work obviously. I can get a 5 gallon bucket with a lid, but that would be a lot of buckets for a 55 gallon? I know we can make our own salt water with an RO/IO but it would be really cool to have real ocean water.

How many people have done this, and what problems have you run into? Would you be able to mix tap water with it (because i read you have to replace 25% of the water every two weeks) and hit that water after it's in the tank with the RO/IO or would you need to set that before you add it.

Seems like there are some niggling logistical problems with this :smile:
I think there are a number of people that have used actual seawater to keep their cephs.

As for transporting water, I use 7 and 8 gallon plastic jugs they sell at outdoors shops. I just have three of them--I made two trips to initially fill my tank. I don't see why you couldn't use the seawater for your water changes; although you WILL have to add a certain amount of DI freshwater to make up for evaporation, otherwise your salinity will forever increase.

The DI process is done before the water goes into the tank. You can buy DI water at most aquarium stores (~30 cents/gallon around here) or you can buy your own DI system (a couple hundred bucks?).

Hi there... I am not 100% sure about ceph water, but I have a tank that I set up (after asking advice here hehe) that is all "found" stuff-- Water, sand, shells, clams, ect. which I have added store-bought damsels, and I have not had a single problem or death yet. I bought a bunch of 6 gallon water containers from the camping section at wal-mart for 7.88 each. Hope that helps!
go the lids!

20 litre buckets with lids. I always get the square ones if I can. They seem popular with bulk health food stores. That way they all stack together in a car.
Since leaving the infantry I needed a reason to struggle up sandy tracks with 40kg's of water. Octopus tank seems to be it!!
Deeper you can go the better as shore water can be more polluted. There are lots of boat ramps around here at the mouths of rivers. Collecting right on high tide gets ya good clean water.
Have a mate with a nice 200L heavy duty plastic container he can throw in the back of his station wagon. Then we throw out a pipe attached to a float to keep it off the bottem and pump water (little petrol powered pump) through a pipe into the back of his car....... ummmm... yea and sometimes a bit goes in the container too!
Very quick and easy.
Which is lucky for him or I would never help.
heh heh
They do sell ocean water at local pet shops but its about 10 dallors for a 5 gallons you could get a large water canaster like 5 gallons and colect a buntch of them

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