[Cuttlefish Eggs]: Ray's 125G Cuttle Rearing System

I have tons of eggs, but they are small, so I don't think they are viable. I was having issues with nitrates getting pretty high, but I was feed rather large shrimp to each cuttle 2x per day. I have gone to more medium sized shrimp 1x per day and the nitrates are coming down. I also added more biopellets but that has also created an bacteria bloom, so the water is a little cloudy. We also dropped out nice camera and broke the lens, so I don't have any updated pics.

The funny thing is that I had separated two males cuttles from the main display tank that were fighting with the larger male, Brutus. They seemed OK together in the smaller tank together, so I did not put in a separator. Well, now I have eggs in the smaller tank. So my two makes are obviously a male-female pair.

I know have 4 cuttles in the main display: 1 male and 3 females; and a male/female pair in the smaller tank. I gave one the the males away and one male died in the main display tank a while back from what I presume was fighting with Brutus.

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