[Cuttlefish Eggs]: Ray's 125G Cuttle Rearing System


O. vulgaris
Feb 25, 2012
I have tons of eggs, but they are small, so I don't think they are viable. I was having issues with nitrates getting pretty high, but I was feed rather large shrimp to each cuttle 2x per day. I have gone to more medium sized shrimp 1x per day and the nitrates are coming down. I also added more biopellets but that has also created an bacteria bloom, so the water is a little cloudy. We also dropped out nice camera and broke the lens, so I don't have any updated pics.

The funny thing is that I had separated two males cuttles from the main display tank that were fighting with the larger male, Brutus. They seemed OK together in the smaller tank together, so I did not put in a separator. Well, now I have eggs in the smaller tank. So my two makes are obviously a male-female pair.

I know have 4 cuttles in the main display: 1 male and 3 females; and a male/female pair in the smaller tank. I gave one the the males away and one male died in the main display tank a while back from what I presume was fighting with Brutus.
Sep 16, 2005
Sometimes they pretend to be males... those eggs look ok to me, but the first sets of eggs and the last sets, have lower viability. What are your plans for the eggs?