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Racoon Butterfly in Octo tank?


O. vulgaris
Jan 2, 2004
Hi guys, I really wanted to set up a corner bowfront for my next octo, but it appears finances won't let me do this any way soon, so I've traded in some fish, moved some others and now have a 40g breeder tank (18x18x36) empty to house a new pet. Problem is this tank is infested with some type of pesty anemone. They're not your regular, run of the mill aptasia. Actually they are quite attractive if not for the fact they spread like wildfire. I bought a Raccoon Butterfly fish a few weeks ago and he's been hard at work in another tank munching on those anemones. I've been moving infested rocks into his tank and in only a couple days he anihilates all anemones. But the 40g has way to many pests to move all the rocks to him, So I'm gonna move him to the 40. I also noticed him nipping at some of my mushrooms so he's gonna have to leave the tank he's in. My question is this: Can I leave the raccoon in the 40 with a baby octo? If not I'll have to trade him in.

I think you'd better trade him in. We don't recommend any fish in the octo tank.

Sounds like a very useful fish, though. I think LFSs should rent them :smile:

Yeah, I figured that would be the general consensus. I knew they weren't reef safe when I got him but I had to do something about those anemones. They get on my polyp rocks and kill them out. I've never had any luck trying to inject them with calcium. You're right, Nancy. He has been a very useful fish. I'll put him in the 40 for now and let him do his job before getting my baby octo. My son might be able to put him in his fish only, 55g. If not I'll trade him.

Spring :smile:

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