Quick question on video

Jan 16, 2004
Could someone please explain to me, in simple terms, how to make an mpeg video available to everyone? I'll put up a site eventually, but until then, can someone explain (or point me in the right direction)?

I got some nice footage of my baby bimac grabbing a hermit crab, and then sticking its tentacles deep into its shell.

Hi Crevalle,

Joel's got it right -- just send it over to me, and I'll get it into the Video Gallery. At that point, you can start a discussion about it here, with a link to it in the vid gallery.

Hope this helps, thanks! And thanks Colin / Joel for following up!
Hey Tonmo, just wanted to verify that it'll be ok to e-mail you a fairly large file (10 to 15 megs--not sure how big it is). Is there a maximum file size I should limit it to? Thanks--I'll wait to hear from you before I send it over.
Hey -- hmm, 10-15 megs, that's pretty large, for email as well as for the site...... Can you cut it down, or break it down into chunks? Also, can you zip it up to compress it for transfer?
It's exactly 10.2 megs--I just checked. It is comprised of three separate (but short) clips. I will disassemble and send separately. Hopefully this will be easier on the system.
Ok, Tonmo, I just sent all three files separately. If you don't like the videos, just delete them--I won't be offended. I will make better ones in the future. The file sizes are as follows: 5.3 megs, 2 megs, and 3.3 megs. Let me know when you get them.
Hey Tonmo--thanks!

BTW, when I tried viewing the videos from the webpage, they are in "widescreen" format, for lack of a better term. The actual files are in 352x240 format--do you know why that is? Just curious, because the wide version is tougher to see. :?:

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