[Octopus]: Meet Bubba - O. vulgaris

Susan Grosskopf

Feb 8, 2014
charlotte nc
I have not been here in a while because I have not had an octo, but I got one last Saturday. The only picture I have so far is my new avatar pic but I will try to get more. He went right for the cave when I let him out and I do have a short video but he has not come all the way out. He just sits in the door until I put my hand in and tried to grab some empty shells and he put an arm out and then kind of charged me! He came with plenty of crabs and he seems to have collected them all in the cave. I gave him some more tonight and he just swept them all in the cave.
This scares me to say but I have been monitoring Casper's thread and I see a lot of the same behaviors.
I just started a new job and am very busy but will try to get better pics. D, can you direct me how to put the pics and video on the site please? It's good to be back.
It scares me because I only have a 75 gallon tank and no other. He can not get big like Casper. I did find out that Bubba came from the Bay of Florida/Gulf of Mexico Bayside - from the upper Keys. I got him from the same business I got my first octopus, Bob. He was an O. briareus.
Nice to see you again @Susan Grosskopf ! Here is a write-up I did for some of the site manipulations awhile ago (OK, several YEARS ago) that has been updated occasionally and is pretty much correct. I don't use my phone for the forum and have not attempted to update the tips and tricks for phone access. A quicky response for pictures is to open a window that lists the pictures you want to upload and drag them over a newly started post but there are several methods mentioned in the link.

@tonmo, I am going to ask you to explain the two ways to add video directly to the site. The Tips and Tricks thread addresses adding videos from other sources.

and @Susan Grosskopf I suspect Bubba is indeed O. vulgaris. There is a slight possibility that it may be O. burryi but gut feel is vulgaris and I am jealous!
You may get lucky and your Vulgaris stay smaller like "little Bit" Other then that it might be time to get on craigs list or a local reef club and find something bigger. I got my new 150 for a crazy cheap price. In my opinion Casper is not the norm as far as size goes. My first Vulgaris did not get as big as Casper is now but you never know. Good luck and I am looking forward to seeing pics and vids. As far as getting another tank it seems there is a run of reefers getting out of the hobby which means there is a lot of systems for sale cheap. In my reef club there used to be maybe 1 per month per month "Getting out of hobby sales". In the last 2-3 months there have been 5-10 getting out sales in my club. Meaning there is a lot of quality equipment for sale cheap. I have seen 150g tank, stand, canopy and sump for 100$ there was a 210g T,S,C and sump for 250$ and ended up going all the way down to 150$ before it sold. I don't know if this is happening all over the country but it seems to be.
Hi D! Thanks for the info but now another problem. He is not eating the shrimp my other Octo' have always eaten. Can you all give me a list of all other foods they may eat. I have a couple of Asian markets that I will check out and get all the hermit crabs I can from local salt water stores. I know blue crab claws and live shrimp, what else?
Ok, I bought a 2-3" clam and a blue claw crab. I took the claws off the crab and offered it to him and I think he ate it. He has been trying to get into the clam. I went to another place and got a 1-2" clam and then got some more hermit crabs. Where do you get the live crabs from sirreal?
I live in FL so buying or catching my own is rather easy. Look for an Asian market for crabs. If your within 50 miles of the beach you can go to a bait store and most will have live bait shrimp. Not sure how far charlotte is from the coast. But if you found that he is eating blue crabs keep feeding them. They are by far Caspers fav. I don't remove the hole claw. Just one of the 2 pinchers. I take a pair of needle nose pliers and crush the moving pincher. There is a lot of good meat in the claws. If you feed a lot of crabs get the shells out asap. I am going to post an issue I have in Caspers thread that will be concern for you in the future.
Bubba is doing well and eating the smaller 1-2" clams. Tonight I again offered him some shrimp and and he took the stick and all so I let him hang on to it. Over the weekend I cleaned the tank and he was out of his cave so I put my hand in to clean it out. Unlike Casper, Bubba leaves all his empty shells in the cave and there was a lot in there. He has not gone in there since I cleaned it out. He has taken up residence in a fake coral grouping and he is junking up the surrounding area. He has dragged several scallop shells over and I have some plastic baby toy rings tied to a piece of rock that has been in the tank for a while, he dragged that over. He also dragged one of the big clams under his new home.

I think he is eating the clams because I find them opened and the meat kind of torn up. I will get some more clams and keep the hermit crabs coming and I am going to try the other blue crab claw that I froze.

Unfortunately, I don't really have any more pictures that show him because he has not been out and spread wide. If he comes out at all he hides behind the rocks and slinks in and around the rocks.



These couple are the best I have but I do have a video that is pretty good. Can you tell me how to post that?
You can post directly to TONMO but there are two ways to do it. One is better than the other. One method requires the reader to download the video, the other can be viewed inline. I believe you need to post to the Media forum and then post a link to this thread for the later. @tonmo? Help! I need to update the tips and tricks for this but don't know the ins and outs of doing it.

Alternately, you can upload to your favorite (I use YouTube) video hosting site then copy and paste the "share" link into a post. This will let the video play directly on the site.
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