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Pygmy Octopus
Oct 4, 2005
Hey, I'm new to salt water aquariums but not at all to freshwater. Though i do not know much about setting up a salt water aquarium, I still know quite a bit about salt water fish.
I have a couple of questions before i get serious about setting up a salt water tank. (most likely a 55 gallon)

-What is the best cuttlefish to have? (i want a small one, but one that lives long.)

-Where can i get this?

-Would it just be easier to get a small type of squid rather than cuttlefish?

-Can any fish coexist with cuttlefish without eventually getting killed?
thank you very much

Not too sure on the cuttlefish, Joel, Righty et al know heaps more.........BUT squid are not easy! they are much more difficult to keep than the others, you'd need a waaaaaay bigger tank and a constant (& I do mean constant!) source of food. And to be honest as a pet ...........? nah you'd be better with a cuttle or octopus (your tank is big enough for a Bimac) these are much more interactive. But one word of advice (or maybe 2 or 3 :biggrin2: ) take your time, saltwater is very different than freshwater, do heaps of research and ask lots of questions (you're in the right place for that!), check out the octopus and cutllefish care and the tank requirements pages on this site.


rightys article should let you know everything so i " " everything in it. and i wouldent count on any perminate fish, even though i have a small convice blenny in with mine.
I really want a cuttle fish after reading that article, not that i didnt want one before. Ill go with Bandensis as they are probably the most well known right? I think ill have to wait though, as much as i want one, i rather build up my knowledge and experience with salt water tanks so ill be completely ready. Thank you for all the help and youll be hearing from me again when im ready!

P.S. If i may make a suggestion, though the info on the cuttlefish care q & a is really good, you should organize it, put it into sections like "cuttlefish feeding" and "breeding cuttlefish", just basic things like that!
thank you
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