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Question about weird seaweed growing in my tank and other things(move if wrong pls)


Jan 1, 2004
Ok...I have this strange brownish seaweed growing on bed of my tank. I was wondering how to get rid of it. Ive noticed that some of it is green. :hmm: and my return from my pump moves the sand around quite a bit, Any suggestions on how to break the current?
Is the algae causing a problem? I quite like some macroalgaes in my tanks, it probably came in with rocks...

Where is the return from your pump facing? I normally have mine on the water surface
good point... we want pumps breaking the water surface that way you get a lot more oxygen in your water and no substrate moving around on it's own.

ehh...Its mostly just a little green algea type stuff that covers the sand like a sticky blanket. There is a few bush-like plants growing on some rock and te sand 3 total. It doesnt seem to bother anything and its no where near what it was before.
The mat algae shouldn't be allowed to flourish...it will starve out any larger macroalgaes that you might have, and will limit growth of any other neat critters...just pull it out, it should come out in a clump of goo...remove as often as necessary !
You might want to check your nitrate level...mat algaes typically occur in a situation of high nitrates...
...and if you can get a sample to a LFS ask them to check the phosphates and silicates too... a Bryopsis outbreak in a customer's tank was once caused by silicates
Good call, Colin...yeah, silicates can make that mat algae form faster than you can say "TA-154" !!!!! Get rid of that stuff asap though...it spreads like wildfire !
ok thanks. Theres not too much of it but ill take it out and test the water at the store :smile:
Also i now have 2 chocolate chip star fish in my tank, will they take down some of the algea?? They dont seem to try and kill each other, yet.
i have a small mat algae problem too though it is only on the rock (killed my corralline!!! arrrghh) but i am definite it is cos of nitrates - they are steadily dropping since the denitrator is in but are still around 40ppm ): ahh well - getting better

keep the macro algae though - the little 'bushes' they are great! and i think plants are greatly underused in reef aquaria - turtle grass in particular can look great!!!

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