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pygmy octopus

Mine have always enjoyed small crabs of both the hermit and blue variety....
For convenience, you could check out your LFS for ghost shrimp or hermits. However keep in mind you're buying for a dwarf so don't go home with a huge crayfish or something of the like :wink:

If you're looking for a more economic way and you live near a beach, then there's your answer, collecting your own food for the octo can be fun. :smile: Hope this helps.
I plan on ordering a octopus some time soon and would like him to have a good diet do you now how big he/she will be when I get it and what do they eat in the wild I was thinking acouple turbo snails,fiddlers crabs,and maby some gost shrimp to start of with and then in about a 2 weeks get some more
Clownfish, you've never told us where you live. Are you in the US? Are you along the coast? We might give you different advice depending on where you live.

Ghost shrimp are freshwater and live only a short while in saltwater, so buy them when your octo will eat them right away. Small hermit crabs and snails might be the way to go, supplementing with pieces of thawed frozen shrimp, assuming your octo will accept frozen food.

You should always have food on hand, not plan to buy it every few weeks. You could keep fiddler crabs in a plastic container or a turtule bowl, use half salt water and half RO water, given them some rocks to climb out on. They will eat good qualilty salt water invertebrate food (flakes).


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