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Pump adding temp to water...


O. vulgaris
Mar 25, 2004
I run activated carbon now on my tank via a magnum 350 canister filter and i have noticed that once it is running the tanks temp goes up like 4 degrees all the way to almost 80. Now i know this is too hot for my bimac (whos not here yet) so i was wondering if you guys know of another way to run the carbon simply with out another pump in the system?
only with a different filter, which would probably do the same thing as your magnum...you can try getting longer hoses for the magnum (to let the water cool off during return) ...some people have to resort to a chiller...but you might want to drop the room temperature initially, and see if that doesn't do it.
roger that, i think i am gonna use an old powerhead and attach a hose to it and then pump the water to a little drilled-tupperware container and fill that with carbon...
Yes, dropping the room temperature or using a fan blowing on the water surface (better with a sump) help keep the temperature down.

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