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Jun 3, 2007
So I've just interacted more with my Filosus than I ever did with my Briareus and I'm stoked.

I just have a question for you experienced keepers though. When your octopus grabs onto your finger with 2 or more tentacles and starts to pull it in do you let it or tug away like I do? I'm afraid that he thinks I'm offering food but then again you guys have said it just feels like a bee sting. I guess since he's pretty small it won't be that significant.

On another note - he let me pet his mantle for about a minute while he just sat there! =D
I tend to yank my hand away when mine grabs my finger. I'm kinda scared honestly. And it just feels so weird! Like peeling velcro. Amazing how well those tiny suckers hold on. I don't offer her my finger often because I fear tearing my finger out of her grip may damage her arms.

Mine let me touch her mantle today too. After we "played" for a moment she climbed around the tank displaying some very vivid orange and yellow coloration. I am more amazed by her every day. Very cool creatures.

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