Proud New Owner of...


Jul 23, 2006
I am the proud new owner of an octopus that i was almost sure it was Briarieus but im not totally positive.. here are some pics.. a positive ID would be great:


This made me a little nervous.. is this ok??

hope you enjoyed... i am very excited about my new addition
:welcome: to the your new friend- does it have a name yet?

It seems to have the "long skinny arms" look of a briareus, but it seems to me to have less webbing than they do (or is that how they look when they're small?) There's now an official "ID Requests" thread floating around here, you might want to post there as well in case people miss it here...
thank you..
ok i have a question (BTW i have researched them so i know a little what im doing but i have no experience with them)
anyway should i feed him tomorow? Or should i let him settle in for a few days before i start feedind him..
also he has more webing then that but he doesnt show it...
he is very active and is out alot... i put him in the tank about 30 minutes ago and he has been exploring non stop.. my friend Andrea wants to name him so im letting her name him....
ill put the pics in to the ID thread.. thank you
this guy is SOO curious.. he is litterally crawling along the front pane looking at me and i am only a foot away.. he doesnt seem to be a secritive octopus which is awesome for me ..
and this is only an hour after introduction to the tank
You might want to get a variety of foods in case your octopus doesn't like krill. You can try raw shrimp from the grocery store or fish market or else live hermit crabs, live shrimp or live fiddler crabs. Good luck!
oh i thought i had mentioned he has been eating silversides and krill at the store.. i went ahead and fed him a cleaner shrimp ...
yeah it was a skunk cleaner/scarlet cleaner...
he had been attacked by an eel earlier today and was on his way out....
well now that the lights are off and he is asleep i am almost positive he is a briareus b/c he has that blue irridecent glow to him..

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