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Posts with Info for New Octo Keepers


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In addition to the Cephalopod Care Articles, below are forum links to discussions that may be helpful to members just starting out.

Box of Chocolates (DWhatley) A list and short description of commonly available species
List and links to studies and scientific papers on individual species

List of healthy food items (DWhatley) A list of alive, fresh and frozen food that are accepted by most octopuses.
What Are You Feeding Your Octopus(Octopus Care sticky) Successfully taken foods posted by keepers over time.

My List of Successful Occupants (CaptFish/DWhatley) Thread initialized with unsuccessful tankmates but includes a this list of animals that have worked well.

Aquarium set-up and cycling
Cycling A Cephalopod Tank (Tank Talk)

Male or Female?
Sexing an Octopus - Photos of Hectocotylized Arm
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Octopus Detritus (poop)
I have seen three types of elimination. One is a milky cloud (possibly urine). The other a long, almost transparent string with tiny white lumps and the third something that looks very much like mammal poop in miniature. The red color in the image of the third is a result of the Cyclop-eeze the animal was either eating or from the pods (that ate the Cyclop-eeze) that the octo ate.
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We usually only recommend 55+ gallons for an octo, but it's possible there may be a dwarf species or two that are suitable for that size... HOWEVER it's not likely you're going to be able to acquire an octo with such species specificity - and even if the seller claims a species, the accuracy is usually much less than 100%. Any chance you can get a bigger tank and cycle it?

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