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Possibly cuttle eggs

May 20, 2006
Just today i looked in my tank and noticed these 2 black things at the bottom of my tank

I think they may be cuttle eggs but im not sure and if they are i am clueless on how to care for the eggs

Any info would be greatly appreceated
What shape are they? How big are they? Did we determine if you have S. bandensis or S. officinalis? It is entirely possible if you have S. bandensis that she laid eggs. You can raise the young on mysids and P. vulgaris, but Righty and Paradox are the experts on this...
not to big but the thing is is that i got no clue how to take care of them ( i currently hve them inx the same tank as the cuttle)

the eggs are about 1/2 an ich long ,blak and one has like a bulb apperecne to it)
Sounds like a cuttle egg to me...which means that you probably have S. bandensis and she is at the end of her lifespan. If your eggs are fertile, you can order mysid shrimp from aquaculturestore.com and put them in net breeders in your tank. You can put the eggs in a net breeder too. Good luck.
ther edefinatly cuttle eggs , while i was rearanging my rock work i vuncoverd about 5 other eggs attached to a rock i relly need info on the care of the eggs, most of them have swelled up but the ones that are on the floor are they now dead or did they just become detached from the rockwork??????
2 of them are detached from the rockwork but are swollen does this mean there dead
also when i move these to a net breeder tommorow how delicate are they as far as can i pick them up at all or not???
If they are inflated but not attached to anything, that is ok. You do not have to move them right away, since you do not have anything else in your tank. The mom will not bother the eggs, you only have to put them in the breeder in order to find them once they hatch since they will be so small.
sniperjoe, take a look at the article that was posted about 4 posts back. it tells you exactly how to take care of them.

also checkout daisyhillcuttlefarm dot com