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May 30, 2000
Hi all,

I wanted to post here a record of all of the polls that were once run on TONMO.com. Next to each option is the total votes received for that answer, followed by the percentage.

Feel free to start your own polls here (this forum is as good as any) to get the pulse of the TONMO.com community. To do this, when posting a new note, just go to the "Add a Poll" section at the bottom of the page and fill out the form. Enjoy the archives!


Poll Results Archive

11/17 - 12/4/02 -- Poll Results
“How troubled are you about the oil spill off the coast of Spain?”

Extremely troubled 47 64.4%
Moderately so 20 27.4%
Not very 6 8.2%
TOTAL 73 100.00%

11/15 - 11/21/02 Poll Results
“When did you first become interested in octopuses?”

As a child. 24 33%
As a young adult, in high school or college. 22 30%
As an adult. 11 15%
Honestly, I'm really not all that interested in octopuses. 16 22%
TOTAL 73 100.00%

Hmmm... this is a funny place for 22% of you to be hanging around...
10/31 - 11/14/02 Poll Results
“If you were to dress up as a cephalopod for Halloween, what would you be?”

Octopus 51 40%
Squid 13 10%
Cuttlefish 11 9%
Chambered Nautilus 8 6%
Cthulhu 26 20%
Squidward Tentacles 12 9%
Oswald the Octopus 7 5%
TOTAL 128 100.00%

Just how would one dress up as a cuttlefish?
10/17 - 10/30/02 Poll Results

“Do you think squid strandings are on the rise because of global warming? (See 10/13 news article.) ”

Yes. 24 44%
No. 30 56%
TOTAL 54 100.00%

Sounds a little sensational to me.
10/2/02 -- 10/16/02 Poll Results

“Have you had a dream in the past year that involved an octopus or squid?”

Yes, many times. 28 32%
Maybe once. 22 25%
Not that I know of. 37 43%
TOTAL 87 100.00%

Hmm... I wonder how many were nightmares?

9/22/02 - 10/1/02 Poll Results

“Do you read H.P. Lovecraft?”

Ph-nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. 29 52%
Not yet, I'm in training. 8 14%
No, I don't. (Is he any relation to H.R. Pufnstuf?) 19 34%
TOTAL 56 100.00%

The first answer translates to, “In his house in R'lyeh dead Cthulhu lies dreaming.” :-E

9/12/02 - 9/22/02 Poll Results

“Do you eat sushi (raw fish)?”

Yes! 47 52%
No. 43 48%
TOTAL 90 100.00%

Mmmm... sushi! I've grown to love sushi. Maki, actually. Nothing too bold. Spicy hamatchi, spicy tuna or shrimp tempura... California rolls are fun, too. Haven't tried the octopus or squid yet, though...

9/2/02 - 9/11/02 Poll Results

“Regarding the reported depletion of Earth's coral reefs and marine resources, are you concerned about the welfare of cephalopods?”

Yes, something must be done to heighten awareness of this issue, or else these animals will become endangered. 34 63%
I'm not concerned -- cephalopods (like all life forms) are resilient and will adapt and survive. The overall problem is overstated by activists and special interests. 6 11%
I'm not sure. 14 26%
TOTAL 54 100.00%

If you're concerned about the state of the world's coral reefs, you can do something about it. Folks in the TONMO.com community are banding together to participate in the Adopt-a-Reef program. [This is complete. See our Adopted Reef page.

8/26/02 -- 9/1/02 -- Last Poll Results

“What are your thoughts on the following joke?
Q: What has eight arms and is invisible?
A: No octopuses.”

aaHahaHAhha! 10 20.00%
Um... please excuse me, I have to go get another drink. 24 48.00%
Oh, it was Colin's joke? Well, THAT'S funny. 16 32.00%
TOTAL 50 100.00%

I can't believe 20% of people actually laughed at that joke. See the Poll Results Archives for more visitor feedback.

8/12/02 -- 8/25/02

“Have you ever gone ocean snorkeling?”

Yes, and I'd do it again! 53 55.79%
Yes, but I wouldn't do it again. 1 1.05%
No, but I'd like to! 41 43.16%
No, and I have no interest in doing so. 0 0%
TOTAL 95 100.00%

Looks like ocean snorkeling is the thing to do.

8/4/02 - 8/11/02

“What do you think of the TONMO.com redesign?”

I like it better than the old design! 40 78.43%
I like the old design better. 7 13.73%
I never saw the old design, but this one looks good. 4 7.84%
I never saw the old design, but this one stinks. 0 0%
TOTAL 51 100.00%

I'm glad most of you like it, thanks for the input. A new logo will be helpful... working on that.

7/21/02 - 8/3/02

“Which kind of articles would you like to see more of on TONMO.com?”

Octopus/ceph care articles 21 22.34%
Octopus/ceph science and biology articles 52 55.32%
Octopus/ceph entertainment / popular culture articles 15 15.96%
I have no interest in reading any such articles 4 7.27 %
No, never 6 6.38%
TOTAL 94 100.00 %

Duly noted! Thanks for the input.

Week of 7/14/02

“If you were to get an octopus tattoo, where would you put it (or if you have one, where is it)?”

Arm 21 25.93%
Back 20 24.69%
Neck 0 0%
Ankle 10 12.35%
Chest 3 3.70%
Stomach/hip 9 11.11%
You don't wanna know 18 22.22%
TOTAL 81 100.00%

About half of you would choose the arm or back, but zero would want one on their neck.

Week of 7/7/02

“Have you ever actually touched a real octopus?”

Yes! 52 57.14%
Never. 39 42.86%
TOTAL 91 100.00%

Hmm. Maybe I should have asked that question so that cooked octopus would be omitted.

Week of 6/22/02

“Are you a student, either full or part-time?”

Yes, and I'm studying in the marine biology field. 14 20.00%
Yes, but I'm not studying in the marine biology field. 21 30.00%

Nope, I'm all dun with lernin'. 35 50.00%
TOTAL 70 100.00%

Quite the studious crew we have at TONMO.com.

Week of 6/16/02

“How do you feel about nature's other eight-legged creature, the spider?”

Spiders are cool! 26 30.95%
What?? Get it off me!! Get it off me!! Aaauuggggh! *STOMP*STOMP* 32 38.10%

*shrug* -- I can take them or leave them. 26 30.95%
TOTAL 84 100.00%

This was a close one! But in the end, it turns out that we have a community of people who.... hey... what's that on your neck?

Week of 6/8/02

“Would you ever consider owning (caring for) a cephalopod (e.g., an octopus or cuttlefish)?”

I already own one! 18 17.14%
Yes, I'd love to some day. 71 67.62%

No thanks, too much work. 16 15.24%
TOTAL 105 100.00%

We have lots of owners and aspiring owners -- that's good to know! We're glad to have Colin Dunlop on the TONMO.com staff to help you with any questions in this area... Just post your questions on the Octopus and Ceph Care topic of the Message Board and he'll be happy to assist.

Week of 6/2/02

“The Detroit Red Wings are in the Stanley Cup Finals. What should their fans throw onto the ice in lieu of octopuses?”

Plush toy octopuses 36 50.00%
"Ring Dings" cupcakes 5 6.94%

Themselves 31 43.06%
TOTAL 72 100.00%

Yeah, I suppose Ring Dings would make quite a mess. Meanwhile, Octogirlie posted a note updating us on this story -- apparently officials at the stadium now have a zero-tolerance policy against octopus-throwing.

Week of 5/26/02

“Do you enjoy "Deep Fried, Live!", featuring Tako the Octopus? (see our DFL page)”

Yes, it's right up my alley. 189 94.03%
No, I don't like it. 6 2.99%

I haven't seen it, even though the link is right there in the question! 6 2.99%
TOTAL 201 100.00%

I'll be sure to pass the word on to the creators of DFL that the TONMO.com community does indeed love the show (give or take a few).

Week of 5/19/02

“Which of the following cartoon characters is your favorite?”

Oswald the Octopus 19 23.46%
Squidward Tentacles 35 43.21%

I don't know enough about these characters to judge. 27 33.33%
TOTAL 81 100.00%

Looks like old Squidward is the house favorite. A third of us claim ignorance on this one.

Week of 5/12/02

“How do you feel about the fact that an octopus mother typically dies from exhaustion after caring for her eggs?”

I think it's very sad. 44 59.46%
I find it inspirational. 13 17.57%

I'm basically unmoved. 17 22.97%
TOTAL 74 100.00%

Most people find it very sad . I can understand that.

Week of 5/5/02

“Do you regularly watch Spongebob Squarepants, featuring Squidward Tentacles?”

Yes, because my children watch it. 19 18.45%
Yes, because I enjoy it myself. 41 39.81%

No, it's a complete waste of time. 16 15.53%

What on earth are you talking about? 27 26.21%
TOTAL 103 100.00%

So over 25% of folks don't know what on earth I'm talking about, which is pretty much in line with what goes on in my daily life. Nearly 60% of TONMO.com visitors do watch Spongebob Squarepants on Nickelodeon.

Week of 4/28/02

“When is the last time you visited an aquarium?”

Less than a month ago. 21 25.30%
Less than a year ago. 34 40.96%

Less than 3 years ago. 11 13.25%

More than 3 years ago. 13 15.66%

I've never been to an aquarium. 4 4.82%
TOTAL 83 100.00%

Over a quarter of us have been to an aquarium within the last month. Cool! I say, if you visit this site and you haven't visited within the past year, it's time to schedule a trip.

Week of 4/21/02

“Do you think you might have been an octopus (or cephalopod) in a former life?”

Yes! 30 51.72%
Uh, I doubt it. 28 48.28%
TOTAL 58 100.00%

If you're inclined to believe in reincarnation (apparently at least half of us are), and given that an octopus life span typically does not exceed 5 years, imagine all the potential that exists for a person to have been an octopus in a previous life. Hey, perhaps certain people have been an octopus in numerous previous lives! Uh, perhaps not...

Week of 4/14/02

“Which of the following creatures do you find the most intriguing?”

Blue Ringed Octopus 17 20.00%
Mimic Octopus or Wonderpus 16 18.82%

Giant Squid (Architeuthis) 20 23.53%

Vampire Squid 18 21.18%

That new Magnapinnidae-ish squid recently discovered miles deep with the big fins and stringy legs. 4 4.71%

Some other ceph 10 11.76%
TOTAL 85 100.00%

Results were spread fairly evenly this week, although I was surprised there weren't more people voting for the most recently discovered deep sea squid. About 12% chose some other ceph. What cephs might that be? Do tell, on the Message Board.

Week of 4/7/02

“What do you think of TONMO.com's new message board system?”

It's great! Keep it up! 27 67.50%
Not sure yet... reserving judgement. 10 25.00%

It's just an awful mess. 3 7.50%
TOTAL 40 100.00%

I'm glad most folks enjoy the new boards as I do. Now's a good time to point out that TONMO.com is best viewed in Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.x browser, or Netscape 6.x.

Week of 3/29/02

“Regarding the recent story about the huge octopus found off New Zealand, do you believe it is the largest octopus ever found?”

Yeah, I think it's true. 7 12.50%
I don't know enough about this to judge. 14 25.00%

I don't think so. It certainly is big, but not the biggest. 35 62.50%
TOTAL 55 100.00%

Most do not believe the claims; and a full quarter say they don't know enough to judge. Marine biologist Steve O'Shea has provided a thoughtful response to this on the TONMO.com message board. Click here to read the topic.

Week of 3/24/02

“Did you know that an octopus mother dies, exhausted, shortly after her eggs hatch?”

Yeah, I knew that. 54 73.97%
Not before you just told me. 19 26.03%
TOTAL 73 100.00%

Most of us already knew that, but I'm glad we were able to enlighten over 25% of our community... :smile:

Week of 3/17/02

“If you were to ever get an octopus tattoo, what would it look like?”

realistic (no expressions) 29 41.43%
angry, dangerous, and/or evil 8 11.43%

cute, friendly, and/or good 18 25.71%

artistic / surreal 15 21.43%
TOTAL 70 100.00%

Most of us would opt for the realistic octopus tattoo. Check out the Art Gallery for some pictures of TONMO.com community member tattoos.

Week of 3/10/02

“If given the opportunity, would you be willing to go 3 miles deep into the ocean in a one-person submersible?”

No way! I'm panicking just thinking about it... the claustrophobia, the darkness, the deep sea creatures... Noooo!!! 2 3.39%
Definitely! It would be a dream come true. 44 74.58%

Only if i could bring beer, chips and a big Italian submarine sandwich. 13 22.03%
TOTAL 59 100.00%

The TONMO.com community is made up of some brave (if not hungry and thirsty) cephalopod lovers.

Week of 3/3/02

“Do you think people should be allowed to keep the deadly blue ring octopus in their home tanks?”

Absolutely - whatever floats your boat. 19 30.16%
Tough question. Not sure. 10 25.40%

No way -- they're too dangerous. 16 15.87%

I don't care what kind of octopus it is, it should be left to swim free in the ocean. 18 28.57%
TOTAL 63 100.00%

Hey, this was a close one... but the most common answer was “absolutely”. Many folks in the TONMO.com community don't seem to think that octopuses should be kept in tanks, period.

Week of 2/23/02

“How would you describe your interest in octopuses and squid?”

Intense! I think about them each and every day. 42 62.69%
I'm more interested in them than the average person. 16 23.88%

I suppose I have a casual interest in octopuses and squid. 6 8.96%

I'm not at all interested in these things. Say, what the heck am I doing here, anyway? 3 4.48%
TOTAL 67 100.00%

Yeah, we've got a lot of octopus-heads here. Good for us!

Week of 2/16/02

“Which statement best describes your thoughts on Cephalopoder's bimac photo? (see Photo Gallery for photo)”

Aaaauggghhh! Save me from the beast! 3 5.66%
Awww, what a cutie. 27 50.94%

Holy Ink! Where can I get me one of those? 15 28.30%

That thing should be swimming in an ocean somewhere, not in some guy's tank. 8 15.09%
TOTAL 53 100.00%

Majority of folks think this bimac is a cutie. What's not to like?

Week of 2/10/02

“What did you think of the 1955 movie 'It Came from Beneath the Sea'?”

Good movie! 9 23.68%
It was awful. 4 10.53%

Never saw it. 25 65.79%
TOTAL 38 100.00%

Most of those who have seen it give it a thumbs up, so now the “never saw it” folks know what to get on their next visit to the video store.

Week of 2/2/02

“What do you think of the new TONMO.com logo?”

It's an improvement! 31 60.78%
I like the one before better. 7 13.73%

I never saw the old logo, but this one looks good. 9 17.65%

I never saw the old logo, but this one stinks. 4 7.84%
TOTAL 51 100.00%

Glad to hear that most of you like it -- I do too. The octopus itself is key.

Week of 1/27/02

“Have you read any of Richard Ellis' books?”

Yes 21 48.84%
No 22 51.16%
TOTAL 43 100.00%

Not bad at all! Just about half of us have read Richard Ellis' books. For the rest of you, if you're fascinated by the deep sea, pick up a copy of Monsters of the Sea or The Search for the Giant Squid.

Week of 1/20/02

“How did you get to TONMO.com?”

Favorites List 8 16.00%
Linked from another (non-search) site 10 20.00%

Yahoo Search 3 6.00%

Google Search 11 22.00%

MSN Search 4 8.00%

AOL Netfind 0 0.00%

Lycos Search 0 0.00%

Typed 'www.tonmo.com' into my browser 5 10.00%

Other 9 18.00%
TOTAL 50 100.00%

This poll is probably a bit more interesting for me than anyone else... Looks like most folks are using Google, which, may I say, is a darn fine search engine.

Week of 1/13/02

“Hypothetically, which gift would you be most happy to receive?”

A $30 octopus neck tie 2 3.92%
A $30 framed octopus painting or photo 8 15.69%

A $30 real octopus for my aquarium! 20 39.22%

A $30 enhanced DVD of octopus documentaries 10 19.61%

A $30 collection of good octopus books 11 21.57%
TOTAL 51 100.00%

Lots of folks would like to get a real octopus as a gift. I myself would prefer the octopus tie. I gotta get me one of those.

Week of 1/6/02

“What 'angle' of the octopus are you most interested in? ”

octopus pet care 12 24.00%
octopuses in pop culture 2 4.00%

octopus collectibles 3 6.00%

octopus biology 28 56.00%

octopus recipes 1 2.00%

something different 4 8.00%
TOTAL 50 100.00%

Most folks are most interested in octopus biology. I was surprised that a quarter of you are most interested in octopus collectibles! Four people said they're into something different. What would that be? Tell us on the Message Board.

Week of 12/30/01

“What's more interesting to you -- deep sea exploration, or deep space exploration?”

Deep sea exploration! 22 62.86%
Deep space exploration! 4 11.43%

I find them both equally fascinating. 9 25.71%

Honestly, I'm not interested in either subject. 0 0.00%
TOTAL 35 100.00%

Most of us are more interested in deep sea exploration, which I suppose is not too surprising given this is a site about octopuses. Still, nearly 1/3 of visitors find deep sea and deep space equally interesting... Finally, not one person said they have no interest in either subject. Glad to hear it!

Week of 12/09/01

“How would you classify your interest in octopus-related art?”

I have no interest at all in octopus art. 4 5.41%
I might enjoy looking at octopus art, but I highly doubt I'd ever buy anything for myself. 14 18.92%

I'd consider buying octopus art only if I found it truly inspiring and/or beautiful, and the price was reasonable. 37 50.00%

I'm an octopus art collector. I'd consider buying any octopus-related art. 19 25.68%
TOTAL 74 100.00%

Due to the fact that this poll ran three weeks, we have a larger amount of responses than usual. Amazingly, a full quarter of people who answered this poll consider themselves to be octopus art collectors. In addition, exactly half of all respondents would consider buying octopus art if they found it “inspiring or beautiful”. Do you own octopus art? Tell us about your favorite piece on the TONMO.com Message Board

Week of 12/02/01

“In this week's [Dec. 2, 2001] edition of TONMO.com, there is a link to an article regarding Sunny the Pacific Giant Octopus. What do you think about keeping octopuses (and other animals) in captivity?”

I think octopuses and all animals should be left alone in their natural habitats. 4 8.70%
I think it's important to sometimes keep and care for these animals so that we might be able to understand them (and perhaps ourselves) better. 42 91.30%
TOTAL 46 100.00%

Overwhelmingly, our visitors agree that it's important to contain octopuses for the purpose of studying them and learning from them.

Week of 11/25/01

“What do you think of the children's show Oswald the Octopus on Nickelodeon? ”

I've never seen that show. 28 60.87%
I think it's absolutely adorable. 11 23.91%

*Shrug*. It's OK, but nothing special. 4 8.70%

It's horrible! They should take it off the air. 3 6.52%
TOTAL 46 100.00%

Not surprisingly, most visitors haven't seen the show. But most who have think it's absolutely adorable. Did you know that the voice of Oswald is Fred Savage, from that old show The Wonder Years? Well now you know!

Week of 11/18/01

“What is your age?”

12 or younger 4 8.33%
13 - 20 13 27.08%

21 - 30 16 33.33%

31 - 45 10 20.83%

46 - 60 3 6.25%

61 or older 2 4.17%
TOTAL 48 100.00%

So it looks like we have a pretty diverse community, with the 20-somethings being the most common. For the record, your humble host is 32.

Week of 11/11/01

“POP QUIZ: What is Dr. Clyde Roper's goal?”

to transplant an octopus heart to a human 3 9.38%
to find a living giant squid 26 81.25%

to discover medicinal purposes for blue-ring octopus venom 3 9.38%

to wrestle a giant pacific octopus live on Pay-Per-View 0 0.00%
TOTAL 32 100.00%

Well done! Dr. Clyde Roper is indeed in search of a living giant squid in its natural habitat. Personally, I think he should also try wrestling a GPO on pay-per-view.

Week of 11/04/01

“Fans of the Detroit Red Wings, an NHL hockey team, have a tradition of throwing octopuses onto the ice rink. It started in 1952 -- each leg of the octopus symbolizes a winning game needed to earn the Stanley Cup. What do you think about this tradition?”

Arrgh! I am horrified! 29 63.04%
I'm a bit uneasy about this. 5 10.87%

It doesn't bother me in the slightest. 5 10.87%

I think it's a great way to bring this beloved animal to the forefront of our consciousness. 7 15.22%
TOTAL 46 100.00%

Most of us are horrified at this. Cripes, why can't they just throw out a *stuffed* octopus, or how about Stop signs? Stop signs have eight sides, so that could work. Hmph.

Week of 10/28/01

“Did you know that an octopus has three hearts?”

yeah, i knew that 33 67.35 %
not before you just told me 16 32.65 %
TOTAL 49 100.00 %

The fact that an octopus has three hearts was no surprise to about 2/3rd of us. Not bad!

Week of 10/21/01

“How often do you visit TONMO.com?”

this is my first visit! 24 44.44 %
very rarely 1 1.85 %
about once a month or so 4 7.41 %
at least once per week 20 37.04 %
I'm here just about every day! 5 9.26 %
TOTAL 54 100.00 %

Obviously this poll is affected by the fact that it only ran for a week -- so there's less of a chance for people who visit “very rarely” or “about once per month or so” to answer. Having said that, it does look like we have lots of regular visitors (weekly or better). But there are also lots of first time visitors! We'll run this poll every 6 months or year to see how the community evolves.

Week of 10/14/01 (Note: data lost)

“Have you ever eaten octopus or squid/calamari? ”

Yes, octopus n/a n/a
Yes, squid / calamari n/a n/a
Yes, both n/a n/a
No, neither n/a n/a
TOTAL n/a 100.00 %

Most of us have had both octopus and squid. But a fair amount have had neither. Not surprisingly, more people have had squid/calamari only as opposed to octopus only. Do tell -- on the Message Board.

Week of 10/07/01

“Have you ever seen a real, live octopus?”

Yes, I own one! 3 5.45 %
Yes, while diving 10 18.18 %
Yes, at an aquarium 25 45.45 %
Yes, elsewhere 4 7.27 %
No, never 13 23.64 %
TOTAL 55 100.00 %

For the four of you who have seen them “elsewhere”, I'm curious -- where else would you see a living octopus?? Do tell -- on the Message Board.
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