POGO project

"Lots of cheap disposable devices can now be distributed throughout the oceans, in some cases on animals, in some cases on the sea floor, others drifting about," he told Reuters.

Taken out of context, he might regret phrasing it like this; don't we have enough rubbish in the oceans already? Of course he's talking electronic equipment for sampling/surveying, but I do recall one survey we did years ago (I had never done this survey before) where we deployed all manner of 'disposable devices', and vividly remember the number of bits/pieces of 'disposable device' we collected in our benthic sampling gear ... left over from previous surveys.
A relatively good effort by GEO but I agree with Steve- we have enough trash and debris lying on the benthos as it is, we probably don't need any more 'non-degradable' stuff accumulating.
But I guess you can't have research and results without the technology and it's associated effects...:indiffer:

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